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The Factor that will Make or Break Your Fleet Graphics Campaign

the value of project management
What is at the core of every successfully managed project? We’ll give you a hint; teams use it to collectively navigate challenges, it is vital to cooperation, and promotes collaboration. It is communication. And, it is the one factor that could make or break your fleet branding initiative, especially if you are instituting a national or multi-regional project.

With all the tasks that are associated with a fleet branding project (especially a large one), you’ll need a partner that utilizes project management processes to set and manage expectations while keeping your project on track. To guide your project towards success, your brand activation vendor should communicate project goals, formulate a strategy, navigate obstacles, resolve issues, and offer supportive services and tools.

Communicate Project Goals

Teams are guided to success only when clear scope and priorities are communicated and rigorously managed. The client and the project team should have mutual understanding of how the branding project will be managed and define how the client can monitor key objectives.

Formulate a Strategy

Strategies should realistically set expectations. With organized systems and processes, teams can keep planning ahead effortless and identify potential pain points before they become an obstacle.

Navigate Obstacles & Resolve Issues

To be truly effective in project management, teams must be responsive and not reactive. With open communication, and issue escalation strategies in place, any obstacles that are met can be swiftly navigated and resolved.

Offer Supportive Services & Tools

The easiest way to communicate project progression is with tools that allow continuous monitoring of the work plan, schedule and budget. Your branding provider should have processes and tools in place that make it easy for them to relay the progression of your project.

As experts in project management, Signature Graphics understands the importance of communication. Our processes and tools empower our partners by giving them access to all the critical information they need to understand the progression of their project.

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