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Choosing the Right Vendor

choosing the right vendor
Your brand identity is the most valuable asset of your business. When looking for creative exposure of your brand, take time to research potential partnerships. It is vital to your success to find a brand activation company that feels as passionately about your brand’s advocacy as you do. We recommend addressing the below topics with your potential vendors to find the right solution provider for your next branding project.

References & Portfolio

A reputable provider should be able to provide you with references and a portfolio of projects they have completed with similar scope to yours.


Installing branding to vehicles, properly, requires specialized training and tools. Ask your vendor what certification processes they have in place.

Product Warranties

Warranted materials, such as high-quality vinyl, have been put through a barrage of tests to ensure their performance throughout their warranted period.

High-Quality Processes

Materials and processes effect the durability of vinyl graphics. Ask your provider what investments they have made in relevant production technology to ensure they can deliver brilliant, large-format graphics.

Supportive Services

Value-added services play a significant role in the management of your project. What processes does your provider have in place to ensure success? For example, will they create and provide detailed installation diagrams so that each installation is consistent?


Mistakes can and do occur. A vendor with financial stability will have the means to correct them in a timely manner.


If you have a large multi-regional or national project, a vendor with coast-to-coast service would be ideal for the proper servicing of your project.


Tools and technology often go together in today’s marketplace. If you want transparency and visibility regarding the progression of your project, inquire about the technological assets your potential vendor would employ to share this data.

For further tips, reach out to us. As the country’s largest and most sophisticated graphics provider, Signature Graphics is known for our ability to simplify what is an otherwise complex job of economically creating, producing, storing, distributing and installing large-format branding.

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