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How Do I Know My Graphics Will Look Good?

How Do I Know My Graphics Will Look Good?
If you are in the market for vehicle or environmental graphics, it can be difficult to envision what your concept might look like to scale. Prior to the production of your new graphics, there are items you can request from your branding vendor to make sure your expectations are met. These elements can be placed on the actual vehicle or equipment to evaluate size, proportions, color, etc.

Full-Size Line Art:

Full-size line art is printed to scale and can be held up to your equipment to see how the design will flow over curves and crevices. It is printed on a pliable paper material that can be taped the surface of your vehicle so you can step back and view it from a distance. Full-size line art gives you a far more accurate representation, of what the final product will look like, than just a small vehicle layout can.

Color Matches:

For accurate and consistent branding, the colors in your graphic need to identically match those that you’ve established in your brand identity. Color matches are printed on the equipment that will be used to manufacture your vinyl graphic. They’ll give you an accurate depiction of what to expect from the processes used to make your branding.


Proofing your design involves a series of steps that include small vehicle layouts, sent digitally, to full-scale renderings (such as full-size line art). This ensures that any potential issues or design flaws are easily spotted and resolved prior to production and installation.

Signature Graphics’ proofing processes are designed to ensure that you know exactly what to expect and that your large-format graphics look exactly as you envisioned they would. Proofing is one of the most important factors in manufacturing brilliant graphics because it resolves problems before they become issues that could impact your budget or timeline. For seamless management of your next brand activation campaign, reach out to Signature Graphics.

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