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Window Graphics FAQs

window graphics FAQS
Window graphic applications are an exciting way to get your business noticed. Typically, rear window vehicle graphics are made from standard, cut vinyl or perforated vinyl. Both draw attention to your vehicle and are fully customizable.

Can you see through window graphics?

Cut vinyl and perforated vinyl offer much visibility. Cut vinyl is generally text or a logo that has no background and can easily be seen around from the driver’s seat. While perforated vinyl has numerous holes cut into the surface, for visibility from the inside out, without effecting the overall design elements of the graphic. Perforated vinyl is best for full coverage options.

Can they be removed?

Like most quality adhesive vinyl, window graphics can easily be removed without damaging your vehicle. And, they will last for their warranted amount of time.

Will UV exposure fade them?

Depending on the method of manufacture, there are processes that can help prevent premature fading of your branding. A clear over-laminate can be applied to the side of the graphic that the design is printed on. This protects your investment from UV rays and protects the ink from scratches.

Can I clean them?

Graphics should be cleaned whenever they look dirty. Use mild soap and water to gently remove debris and rinse with clean water. Once rinsed, you can use a micro fiber cloth to dry. If you live in a region that receives snowfall, use a brush and not a scraper to remove the snow.

Can I roll down my windows?

We recommend avoiding rolling down windows that have graphics applied to them. If you are planning on applying graphics to a window that will be rolled up and down frequently, let your vendor know so they can make durability recommendations.

If you have more questions on window graphics or are considering branding your corporate vehicles, feel free to reach out to us. Signature Graphics can help you leverage your corporate brand by identifying your vehicles with distinctive designs.

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