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The Value of Transit Branding

value of transit branding
Racine Transit System, in Wisconsin, recently partnered with Signature Graphics to install branding on their brand new Ryde. The re-brand features new messaging, in the form of RYDE, and progressive designs that reflect the direction the City of Racine is moving in. Like Racine, transit systems can experience numerous benefits by incorporating full coverage wraps onto their equipment as well.

Promote Your Brand

Vinyl wraps are a cost effective solution to making your brand stand out. They offer a range of short to long term applications so you can apply high quality, complex advertising and remove them quickly and easily, without damaging the surface underneath.

Short-Term Advertising

Short-term graphic applications, on transit vehicles, offer opportunities to promote events and sell advertising space. This type of mobile advertising is easy to remove, after the advertiser’s contract length expires, and easy to install.

Protect Against Damage

Graphic wraps offer a great solution to vandalism, such as graffiti. Some vinyl finishes are resistant to paint so that graffiti does not adhere to the graphic, making it easy to wipe off. This helps to alleviate any repetitive maintenance costs.

Create Indoor Ambience

Vinyl film can be applied to virtually any surface, which includes the interior of your transit vehicles. They have the power to enhance your passenger experience with graphics that will refresh your vehicle’s interior.

If you are considering a brand activation initiative for your transit system, reach out to Signature Graphics. We specialize in assisting transit agencies in promoting their brand, services and community everywhere their vehicles travel.

Looking to Add Value to Your Transit System?

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