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The Value of Warranted Graphics

The Value of Warranted Graphics
When you make an investment in vehicle graphics, you want the peace of mind that your investment will be durable enough to last for the length of your promotion. Graphics and signage warranties provide you with that peace of mind. Warranties provide you with a branding solution that provides high impact and message consistency from one application to the next by delivering products and systems that create graphics of unsurpassed consistency, reliability, and durability.

Color That Lasts

Your color will stay your color for the life of the warranty. This includes everything from large fleet markings to small cut letters on signs or store fronts. Color plays a critical role in brand identity and provides your audience with recognition cues when used consistently.

Weathering Exposure

Warranties mean you can have complete confidence that the products and processes used to create your branding have undergone rigorous weathering testing to ensure they will perform throughout the warranted period. Sun. Rain. Snow. Whatever the weather, your graphics will stand up to it.

Vendor Relationships

Vendors that use warranted material have certified equipment and processes that deliver brilliant, large-format vinyl graphics for practically any application. They’ve made a commitment to – and investment in – relevant production technology that translates into finished graphics products of the highest quality.

3M MCS Warranty

Signature Graphics provides the most comprehensive finished graphics warranty in the industry. When you use finished graphics made with all 3M Graphics products and components, you’re protected for virtually any application. Signature Graphics would be happy to quote your next brand activation campaign on our 3M materials.

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