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The Importance of Strategy in Design

Importance of Strategy in Design
Graphic design is a critical component to visual branding strategies. To build on-brand supporting graphics, there are a few concepts designers need to consider during the creative process. In designing an effective campaign, they should research the brand, select fonts and colors that harmonize with the logo, and utilize these decisions to create a memorable experience that enhances that brand.


Research is essential in implementing any brand activation campaign. In developing a strategy, a consultative team will conduct research to gain a full understanding of your brand’s personality and the goals you wish to achieve. Research helps designers to identify messaging that will resonate with your customer base and attract new ones.

Harmonizing Typography and Color Choices

The right typography and color palette should align with all the elements of your brand identity. Good designers will choose secondary colors that illicit the right emotions for your strategy and harmonize with the colors in your logo.


Above all else, your branding should be memorable. It should inspire your customers to connect with your brand and remember the positive, past experiences they had with it and to imagine the future ones, as well.

Brand identity designers, like the ones we employ at Signature, have marketing expertise that differentiates them from typical graphic designers. Day to day, they work with organizations’ marketing and advertising teams or develop tailored solutions on their own, utilizing their vast industry expertise and marketing knowledge. When it comes to branding, you need more than decorators. You need specialists that can align your design with a strategy that achieves your goals.

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