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Measuring The ROI of your Vehicle’s Wrap

ROI on vehicle graphics
Our customers have told us stories of passing business cards in parking lots or at red lights when riding around in their wrapped vehicles and this type of interaction is easy to measure when weighing the effectiveness of your branded vehicle. But, how do you track the amount of people that jot your number down or visit your website after viewing your vehicle if you have no interaction with them? After over thirty years in this industry, we’ve assisted numerous organizations in doing just this.

Use An Alternate Landing Page

Consider creating a unique landing page and using that url on your wrapped vehicle. Most companies use web analytics to track traffic and behaviors on their sites. The only way your visitors will arrive at this page is if they saw the web address on your vehicle. This will enable you to easily see the amount of traffic and interest your vehicle is generating.

Use An Alternate Phone Number

This tactic involves getting a second phone line for your business. If this alternate number is advertised only on your wrapped vehicle, you will easily be able to measure the effectiveness of your vehicle wrap. The only calls received from this number will be generated by the visual impression your vehicle left upon your target audience.

Run a Promotion

You can also test the effectiveness of your vehicle wraps by incorporating a promotion into the design. By offering a percentage off or including a free service, via a promotion code, you will know that every caller that mentions it is doing so because of the impact your graphic had on them.

Signature Graphics has been helping brands come up with creative ways for measuring the return on investment of their brand activation campaigns for over three decades. If you’re looking to employ your company vehicles as a marketing medium, our experts will create a unique strategy for your business that will make a meaningful impact.

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