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Branding 101: The Impact of Branding

It’s no secret that a huge emphasis is placed on branding when it comes to marketing your product or service. Not only does having a cohesive brand make it easier to market to different customer bases across different channels, but it also raises the chances of being remembered by customers, increasing loyalty.

A brand is more than just the business that markets a particular service or product. A brand is an identity that the business has developed for itself. Visual elements like logos and graphics, in addition to intangible aspects like your marketing strategy and your business’ relationship with customers, make up the brand.

Branding and purchasing

“A brand is the identity that the business has developed for itself.”

Every business wants to establish a loyal customer base. The best way to do that is to ensure that you deliver a product that satisfies a customer’s needs, as well as make sure your brand stands out in consumers’ minds. This way, the next time they’re in the market for a product like yours, the one they used last time will pop into their head. According to Brand Anew, a sense of nostalgia is likely to keep customers loyal to your brand, despite other options like a potentially better product or even a lower price.

Exactly how important is customer loyalty to a brand? Marketing Tech Blog found that it’s pretty crucial. Approximately 59 percent of shoppers preferred to stick with familiar brands, even when purchasing items they’d never bought before. 59 percent of people also said that they decide whether a particular brand becomes their favorite option after purchasing or trying the service just once. The pressure’s on for a good first impression.

Engage with your consumers

If someone tweets you, be sure to respond. If someone leaves a disappointing review on one of your products on your website, reach out to them to correct the problem. Twenty-two percent of Marketing Tech Blog’s responders stated that authenticity was the most important brand attribute to them. It’s crucial that you leave a good impression, as a few bad reviews can really stunt a new business’ growth. You don’t want to just make a single sale, you want to build a long-term relationship with your client base.

How to brand your product or service

While a well-established brand like Coca-Cola or Ford doesn’t have to worry about developing a brand, many new small-business owners lose sleep over the concept of creating a brand identity. Developing a brand is something that happens over time, however, it’s important to know how to kick-start the process.

Here are a few tips for beginning to establish a brand for your business:

Be consistent: Whether you sell your product in person, on an official website, through a social media channel like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Etsy, or via all channels, you need to have a cohesive name and logo so consumers know that all of these channels are connected. If you communicate with consumers over email, be sure to include an email signature or even email address with your product name included.

Be creative: As a business, you want to pave your own way. Be creative with your logo, slogan, and products. Don’t try to ride the coattails of an already-established brand with a similar product. You don’t want potential customers to view yours as a knock-off, and using a cheap ploy like mimicking what already worked for another entity will lower your credibility as a brand.

Here are a few ways to maximize the impact of your brand over time:

Promote: Always have a marketing plan for short term and long term promotion of you brand. Maximize impact with Signature Graphics’ high-quality fleet graphics, window graphics and environmental graphics that creatively showcase your branding and choose temporary graphics as an attention-getting way to advertise short term and seasonal promotions.

Be authentic: Your brand identity is what makes you unique among competitors in the marketplace. Being true to your brand will build trust and loyalty among your customers. Always be genuine, transparent and consistent in your brand communication, including tag lines, mission statements, values statements and vision statements.

Establish brand guidelines: Brand guidelines document all the elements that make up your brand, including logos, colors, fonts, imagery and tone — as well as the rules on how these elements work together to create your brand identity. These guidelines are an important tool for anyone who creates advertising and promotional materials for your business, such as fleet graphics, window graphics and environmental graphics.

Be consistent: Follow your brand guidelines and ensure that every message is authentic and true to your brand.

Evolve and adapt: Evaluate your brand regularly and measure customer feedback. Evolve and adapt your brand over time to stay relevant and meet changing trends in your market.

Good branding brings lasting benefits

The impact of branding, especially when it’s used consistently and creatively, will be felt across your business. These benefits include:

Recognition and recall: Customers will be able to identify your business immediately upon seeing just one element of your brand, such as a logo, color, packaging or slogan.

Trust and credibility: An authentic and consistent brand gives your business the professional edge and builds trust among customers, meaning they will turn to you to meet their needs.

Loyalty: Authentic branding creates true and emotional connections with customers. They support you because you are an important part of their community.

Perceived value from your audience: Consistent branding and customer experiences help people see that your business offers better quality and better service than your competitors.

Competitive advantage: Branding is your unique signature and helps your company stand apart and reach your most important customers.

Longevity: Businesses last and grow by having a memorable brand that’s built on a strong set of values that matter to customers. 

Let Signature Graphics Help 

Signature Graphics has been meeting the needs of our clients since 1986. We’ve helped businesses of all sizes with their branding needs from design to fleet graphics, to retail or environmental graphics. Our professionals are ready to guide you through the process. Contact us today to get a quote!

We proudly use 3MTM graphic films and overlaminates.

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From YRC Freight to Yellow: Signature Graphics Assists National Corporation in Fleet Rebrand

When YRC Freight Corporation announced its intention to rebrand as the Yellow Corporation, they knew they had quite the job on their hands.  While YRC Freight might not seem familiar, Yellow likely rings as bell. The company is responsible for the creation of the iconic yellow cabs seen all around the country. 

YRC grew from its humble beginnings as a taxicab service in Oklahoma City to a national transportation holding company specializing in less than load (LTL) shipping. To increase brand recognition, the company decided to rebrand in 2021. At the time, they had over 33,000 vehicles in use from coast to coast that needed a new look. The logistics of this undertaking was immense, and Yellow knew that they needed an expert partner to help them tackle the job.

Unique Challenges to Yellow Fleet Graphic Installation

Yellow tapped Signature Graphics to handle the rebrand of their transitory fleet because of their robust processes and procedures and successful track record of handling large-scale national production and installation. 

Working with a transitory fleet means the assets were always on the move. The first thing Signature Graphics needed was a solid strategy to minimize the downtime of 33,679 vehicles and get them back on the road as soon as possible. Signature Graphics opted for spot graphics, rather than full wrap that covered existing visuals. This kept production streamlined and minimized variables like vehicle size, make, and model.

Next, Signature had to coordinate with trailer manufactures to track and accommodate build schedules of new fleet assets. Finally, each vehicle had to be thoroughly washed three days before installation, which meant tracking each vehicle was a high priority. 

Effective Solutions to Transitory Fleet Graphic Installation

The project began in March 2021 with a deadline of December 31, 2021. In other words, Signature had 9 months to rebrand a huge fleet of moving targets. 

The first step was to create an eye-catching and effective design and manufacture high-quality vinyl graphics. Next, Signature undertook the logistics which included: 

  • identifying installation locations across the country
  • coordinating personnel
  • shipping graphics
  • building an installation schedule

By referencing brandRESPONSE, Yellow was able to coordinate the wash of each vehicle three days prior to installation, and ensured each vehicle arrived at the installation point at the appropriate time.

To track every task and vehicle, Signature Graphics employed their proprietary brand management tracking and reporting tool, brandRESPONSE so they never missed a truck. With brandRESPONSE, every detail of the project was in one place and progress could be monitored in real time. For example, every single vehicle (all 33,679) was photographed in a before and after state at specific ¾ angle for review and cataloging.

Using brandRESPONSE, professionals at Signature Graphics and Fleet Managers at Yellow could rapidly share information, generate reports, and manage the project all from their phone or computer. 

Results of Yellow Fleet Graphic Rebrand

The entire fleet was successfully rebranded within the timeline with efficient, high-impact fleet graphics for every vehicle regardless of make and model. Yellow even parked a rebranded trailer in Times Square, NYC on July 4, 2021.

Contact Signature Graphics for Your Fleet Graphics

Signature Graphics leverages over 30 years in the industry with cutting-edge technology to provide unparalleled fleet graphics service. We’re proud to be part of the Omnicom Group—one of the most highly regarded marketing and advertising networks in the world. Whether you have a fleet of 30 or more than 30,000 we can make branding your transitory fleet a breeze. Request a quote to get started. 

We proudly use 3MTM graphic films and overlaminates.

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Signature Partners with Oklahoma Transit Association to Fight Human Trafficking 

Ask any designer; they might tell you that designing a wrap for a larger vehicle is no easy task. Luckily, Signature Graphics’ highly skilled team of in-house designers, brand advocates, and technical experts provide the exact care and dedication you need.

Signature Graphics put their expertise to use when they partnered with the Oklahoma City Transit Association to design, produce, and install fleet graphics for the new Rolling Oklahoma Classroom (ROC), a public transit bus converted into an educational space for the community. 

Client Goals

Last year, a transit driver spotted the signs of a potential human trafficking incident while completing their route. The transit system realized that its drivers could aid in the fight against human trafficking. The Oklahoma City Transit also identified that 99% of Oklahomans live within a mile of a transit route but aren’t aware. 

They implemented the Rolling Oklahoma Classroom – an educational community program and public awareness campaign – to address these two issues. They wanted to design a vehicle wrap for the bus that would:

  • Educate the community by enhancing awareness of the public transit system and the options they offer.
  • Promote hands-on public safety and security training for transit workers by including interactive training inside the bus.
  • Bring awareness to the signs of human trafficking.


When Oklahoma Transit reached out to Signature Graphics, we were proud to be considered for this project. We worked closely with ROC to develop their vehicle wrap to support their critical mission. As with any project, we encountered a few obstacles on the path toward success. For this project, we addressed the following issues: 

  • Creating a design that incorporated the physical characteristics of the bus, while also considering the shapes of the doors and windows.
  • Creating a design for a large-scale vehicle while ensuring the design is readable as the vehicle is in motion. 


Customer satisfaction is essential to us at Signature Graphics. With our insight and product knowledge, we constantly strive to streamline projects by offering the most efficient and effective solutions for you and your brand.

Signature was honored to contribute to battling human trafficking and teaching people the right ways to protect themselves. To support this powerful charitable work, we donated the graphics to this project. We enjoyed playing a small part in making this goal a reality for the Oklahoma Transit Association.

At Signature, we understand the value of your brand. Regardless of scope and scale, Signature’s team of branding experts is prepared to help you make your mark. Learn more about how Signature can help brand your fleet.

We proudly use 3MTM graphic films and overlaminates.

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Are Your Fleet Graphics Seen at High Speeds?

Imagine this: You’ve invested time, energy, and funds into wrapping your fleet with graphics. Your vehicles are traveling down highways and passing hundreds of potential customers in a single journey. But the vehicles aren’t generating the leads you expected. Why? Because your fleet graphic design isn’t working at high speeds! 

Are Your Fleet Graphics Being Seen at Highway Speeds? 

Fleet graphics are mobile billboards—in fact, studies indicate that they’re on the move up to 50% of the time. If you don’t factor in the speeds at which potential customers pass your message, you could be missing opportunities. 

For stationary signs, ADA Guidelines recommend 3-inch lettering for signs viewed from 25 feet away and 6-inch lettering for distances of 35 feet or more. This formula changes when you factor in the movement of the viewer. The USSC (United States Sign Council) uses a formula to determine the optimum signage square footage required for a sign to be seen by moving cars. “VRT (viewer reaction time) + MPH/800 = recommended square footage for a stationary sign. This will vary by road complexity.” But what if the buying public and the sign are both moving? 

How to Design Fleet Graphics for High Speeds

“The best way to design Fleet Graphics for high speeds is to grab the attention of your viewer as quickly as possible,” says Signature Graphics veteran designer, Carrie Flores. “A good design keeps things simple and immediately draws attention to essential information.”  

According to 3M, the average potential customer will view your graphics for 3-5 seconds. Follow these designer-approved best practices to design the most effective fleet graphics.

  • Use large, clean font and bright, eye-catching colors.
  • Highlight your business name and website. Many designers have moved away from including phone numbers on designs as most consumers will look your website up before calling.  
  • Use very short, memorable taglines that tell your customers about your product or service. 
  • Utilize the back of your vehicle for additional information. Drivers have more time to digest your message when they follow behind a member of your fleet.
  • Make sure your photos are clean, and memorable.
  • Ensure that any graphics are recognizable and straightforward.

What to Avoid in your Fleet Graphic Design 

User-friendly marketing is easy to digest. The goal is not to be clever, but rather to be clear. 

“You don’t want to make your customers think too hard, otherwise you’ll lose their precious attention,” warns Carrie.  She recommends avoiding the following common pitfalls. 

  • Avoid busy, complex designs that take the viewer time and energy to decode. 
  • Don’t use fancy or flowery font like script or italics. Choose bold, sans-serif fonts for ultimate readability.
  • Don’t fill your visual space with words. Choose only the most essential information that asks people to act. For example, “visit our website at”
  • Don’t stray from your branding. Use colors and logos that are consistent across all your marketing materials. The goal is to be immediately recognizable. 

Contact Signature Graphics for your Fleet Graphics

Signature Graphics has offered Fleet Branding and Graphics since 1986. From in-house designers to professional installation, we apply a solutions-based approach to ensure your long-term success. Contact us today for your fleet branding needs. 

We proudly use 3MTM graphic films and overlaminates.

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The Importance of Color Matching in Fleet Graphics & Branding

At Signature Graphics, we understand that your unique brand colors are your “signature.” 

We will get your brand colors right, every time. Why? Consistency is critical to your professional image, especially when it comes to vinyl vehicle wraps for your fleet. 

Your fleet graphics turn your vehicles into mobile billboards. But when the color of your graphics is off, or vary from vehicle to vehicle, potential customers notice. That distraction could pull their attention away from the products and services you provide.

Getting the Color Right

The professionals at Signature use CMYK colors and can match any color for your brand, regardless of whether you have the color number — a series of numbers and letters that detail a color profile — on file and whether the number is a Pantone or a hexadecimal color.

If you don’t have the color number available, our specialized process can match the color for vehicle wrap from an existing print or other materials you have available. We’ll even provide you the colors you should be using moving forward, further protecting your brand guidelines.

Printing on High-Quality Vinyl

Signature provides 3M vinyl fleet wraps, meaning your fleet graphics are made from world-class materials. Through our partnership with 3M, we hold a MCS Warranty Certification, which means we can offer the top performance guarantee on the market. 

Designed to last five to eight years, custom vinyl fleet wraps in your brand colors also protect the body of your fleet vehicles from chips and scratches and protect your investment over the long term.

Professional Service from Signature

Before production of any new items, we provide full-size line art, color matches and proofs for your review and approval through our innovative and proprietary brand management system, brandRESPONSE. Additionally, these elements can be placed on the actual vehicle or equipment to evaluate the size, proportions and color.

Don’t settle for “close enough” when it comes to your brand colors. Signature Graphics will provide a perfect match. Contact us to get a quote.

We proudly use 3MTM graphic films and overlaminates.

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9 Questions to Ask Before Updating Your Fleet

Vehicle age is on the rise across industries, new research from IHS Markit reveals. The average age of light vehicles in the US has risen to 11.9 years in operation. It should come as no surprise then that more businesses are considering updating their fleets as their vehicles age. Updating at the right time avoids unnecessary repair costs and unforeseen delays in service.

So when you start researching a new fleet, what questions should you ask? Signature Graphics has listed nine questions to ask to help you make the right choice for your fleet needs.

1. What are your business needs now?
Five years ago when you were just starting out, you may have only needed a fleet of four commercial vans. But now that business is booming is your small fleet holding you back? Additionally, have your offerings changed? For example, you may not need a refrigerated truck if you’ve dropped delivery from your offerings. As your business demands and products shift, it may be time to upgrade your fleet entirely or add vehicles to satisfy specific needs.

2. Is your fleet meeting fuel efficiency standards?
The energy needed to power your fleet can represent a large line item in your budget, especially if you haven’t upgraded in a long time. Business owners can check how the fuel efficiency of their fleet stands up against newer models by speaking with a dedicated representative at a dealership’s fleet department.

3. How safe are your fleet vehicles?
Safety is key both for fleet drivers and your business. Go online or call a local dealership to see if there have been any manufacturer warnings about your vehicles. You can also speak to an insurance agent to determine how a new fleet would impact your monthly premiums. In some cases, the total amount you would save because of improved safety might be reason enough to invest in a new fleet, not to mention boosting your employees’ safety when they hit the road.

4. Does your fleet look like it popped out of a time machine?
Good branding matters. Your branded fleet is a moveable billboard, so driving around a 1989 model with peeling graphics sends the wrong message no matter how good your service is. Plus, if you invest in a new fleet, it could give you an opportunity to revise your graphics to create something more eye-catching and iconic.

5. Is your fleet reliable?
When you first started your business, perhaps you went for a model that wasn’t quite top of the line but fit your budget. However, an unreliable vehicle will affect your entire team – not to mention your budget. If one driver’s car breaks down, someone else may have to pick up the slack, or you may just miss out on some business. Check your records and ask, “When was the last time my fleet had a breakdown?

6. Should You Reface or Replace? 

You don’t always have to start from scratch. If your fleet is up-to-date or has more years left in it, then maybe all you need is a branding reface. Refacing a fleet is an inexpensive method that covers your current branding with digitally printed vinyl to make it look new. But it’s important to know when to start fresh. At Signature, we offer proprietary software called brandRESPONSE that lets you manage the refresh of your entire fleet all in one place. If your fleet is damaged, unstable and breaking down, it’s time to turn over a new leaf with a complete replacement of the vehicle and its vinyl graphics.

7. Do you have a plan for keeping fleet graphics fresh? 

What happens if your fleet has aged well, but your branding hasn’t? If that’s the case you need a plan to keep your graphics fresh, new, and engaging. A bold, colorful display makes a huge impact on potential customers and generate 30,000 impressions per day. The benefits of fresh graphics are endless: you can achieve cost-effective advertising method, create a lasting impression, build brand awareness, and protect your vehicle. 

8. Did you add final mile vehicles, and can your brand adapt? 

Closing the final mile with customers is more important than ever. Customers have come to expect rapid delivery times, putting pressure of fleet managers to add more light and medium-duty vehicles. While these vehicles are great, they can disrupt the fleet and disjoint consistency in your brand—and in branding consistency is key. Brand adaptation requires a bird’s-eye view of planning your branding and delivery across the board.

9.  Do you have the right partner? 

Don’t trust your branding to just anyone. Feel sure that your company messaging is the right hands by partnering with a trusted graphics company that can deliver a team of experts. At Signature Graphics, we’ve perfected the art of guiding customers through the vehicle wrap process so it’s virtually painless. We specialize in staying attuned to your individual needs and adapting as your project evolves. 

Contact Signature Graphics for Your Fleet Graphics

Signature Graphics is ready to apply our 40 years of experience on behalf of your business. Our clients love our excellent customer service, pioneering ideas, and data-driven branding strategies. We’re a 3M Graphics Partner and Omnicom Group member, so you can trust that you’re getting the best quality for your fleet graphicsContact us today to start updating your fleet graphics.

We proudly use 3MTM graphic films and overlaminates.

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Invest in Heavy Equipment Fleet Graphics

Many heavy equipment franchises and corporate-owned and private dealerships across the country buy their heavy equipment from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) such as Cat, Kubota, Case, John Deere, Doosan, and Toro. 

When you think of those OEMs, do you see their branding — such as Cat graphics, Kubota graphics, and John Deere graphics — in your head? Your dealership should be just as well-branded on each piece of heavy equipment!

Signature Graphics can help you seize an opportunity to market your dealership with custom-designed fleet graphics for your heavy equipment. 

A Professional Touch

Stand out from other dealerships with a professional graphic that features your name, logo and mark — in addition to the OEM logo — on all new sales. 

This is an easy way to reach potential new customers who are looking to add heavy equipment to their fleets as they admire new equipment on job sites.

Service Trucks and Rental Fleets

In addition to heavy equipment sales, your dealership’s fleet of service trucks and rental equipment also needs branding. Go big and bold with these vehicles, using full-vehicle wraps that build on the design of your dealership graphic.

Cost-effective and eye-catching, these wraps also will promote your dealership with a unified brand presenceand attract more business. 

Putting It All Together

Our experienced designers and installers use quality materials like 3M and are committed to meeting the unique needs of your dealership.

Our printing and installation services are available nationally. Plus, you can track your fleet’s graphic needs through brandRESPONSE, our asset management tool.

More importantly, professional fleet graphics and vehicle wraps will increase your dealership’s overall brand identity, which will draw in potential customers and help drive them to become repeat customers.

Request a Quote

Signature Graphics has a team of experts on hand to help you design heavy equipment fleet graphics styled to your unique needs. Contact us today to request a quote.

We proudly use 3MTM graphic films and overlaminates.

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Vibrant Delivery Truck Graphics Bring Results

Delivery has become a staple service for many businesses, from catering companies to car dealership customer shuttles. Every day, we see a delivery truck on the roads, in our neighborhoods and at our businesses.

But if the vehicles aren’t branded, those businesses are missing an important opportunity to attract new customers and grow their profits.

A truck wrap from Signature Graphics will deliver results for your business. We offer custom and high-quality wraps for your delivery vehicle, no matter its size or shape.

What makes a good delivery truck wrap?

1. Consistent Branding

A “brand” is personal identity of a business and includes its name, the colors and typography it uses and its logo. A brand is how a business sets itself apart from its competition and how that business builds loyalty among its cutometers. A brand identity is stronger when the same logo, typography and colors are used the same way on everything associated with that company, from business cards to delivery trucks. 

2. A Call to Action

Your truck wrap will catch the eye of a potential customer and it also should spur them to take action. The most effective calls to action are simple. Include your phone number and your website in your truck wrap design with instructions, such as “Call us” or “Visit our website.”  

3. A Promotion

Including a special promotion or offer on your delivery truck wrap will give both new and returning customers added incentive to get in touch with you quickly. These can include a special deal for first-time customers, a limited-time deal, or a cross-promotion with another company.

Contact Us

A vehicle wrap turns your delivery car or delivery truck into a cost-effective mobile billboard. Your branding and your message go anywhere that car or truck goes, catching the eyes of motorists and pedestrians alike. The experts at Signature Graphics can help turn your ideas into reality. Call us today.

We proudly use 3MTM graphic films and overlaminates.

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2 Major Ways Dealerships Benefit from a Graphics Partner

As a business, a car dealership’s primary objective is to sell cars, but as many customers and professional salespeople can attest to, selling cars can be a complicated endeavor. In other words, having a great product is only part of the equation when it comes to doing business. The key to successful business relationships is anticipating the customers’ needs and coming up with solutions that haven’t even been communicated yet.  

Partnering with other businesses that provide vehicle-related services can make the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity. Signature Graphics is a market leader in fleet graphics. We regularly partner with car dealerships to provide them with two key benefits that will boost sales and provide their customers with a superior experience. 

Provide Your Clients with Fleet Graphics Solutions

If you have a client that purchases their entire fleet from your dealership, then partnering with a fleet graphics provider can benefit both you and your valuable client. Your fleet manager client has a complicated job, so offering a fleet graphics solution is likely to surprise and delight them! Signature Graphics is a great partner for dealerships and fleet managers because we’re a one-stop shop that can provide much-needed support.

  • Design—Signature Graphics offers expert consultation and support with our design experts. We provide as much support as you need to make your brand come alive.
  • Install—We make installation as smooth as possible with prompt delivery, flexible arrangements and even global installation.
  • Manage—We offer 24/7 online ordering, and a proprietary management software that lets you track your fleet graphics progress all in one place. 

When you partner with Signature Graphics, you’ll gain a competitive advantage by being offering a complete sales and service solution. 

Advertise Your Dealership with Fleet Graphics

Stand out from other dealers in your area with fleet graphics and environmental graphics for your dealership. Wrap your parts truck, customer shuttle, and display vehicles; the ROI on vehicle wraps can’t be overstated.

  • A single wrap can generate between 30,000-70,000 impressions a day. 
  • One wrap lasts up to five years and offers a cost per thousand impressions (CPM) of $.048! 
  • Vehicle marketing results in a 97% message recall for viewers

Signature graphics also provides high-quality environmental graphics so you can make the most of unused visual real estate, refresh your retail space, or tell the story of your brand before your clients even enter your business. 

Partner with Signature Graphics

Signature Graphics has been meeting the needs of our clients since 1986. We bring our highly skilled and cross-functional team to every partnership and project so we can deliver solutions-based results every time. When you align with Signature Graphics, you’ll gain a competitive advantage for your dealership. Contact us today to discuss how a partnership might benefit your business!

We proudly use 3MTM graphic films and overlaminates.

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Tested Like No Other: A Guide to 3M’s Comprehensive Fleet Graphic Warranty

You’ve invested in your business by wrapping your fleet in graphics. It’s a great choice with excellent returns! According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of American, a single wrap can generate between 30,000-70,000 impressions a day. Your fleet looks great, but how long can you expect the vehicle wrap to last? And what if it’s damaged? When you work with Signature Graphics, you can rest assured that your investment is protected because your fleet graphics are covered by 3M’s MCS Warranty.

Top Fleet Graphic Quality and Coverage

Signature Graphics is a 3M Certified Partner. We stand behind the products we put on your vehicles because they’re the gold standard of quality and they’re backed by the most comprehensive graphics warranty in the industry: the 3M MCS Warranty. Other graphics companies may offer some coverage, but only 3M offers science-backed testing, full coverage from the first day to the last, and quality guarantees that cover everything—including ink!

Key 3M Warranty Benefits for your Fleet Graphics

You’ve put a lot of care into building your brand, and you want fleet graphics that reflect the same level of quality and attention. Signature Graphics uses 3M materials that are known for their excellent print quality and durability. 3M is so confident that their products will stand up to wear-and-tear, they offer the best warranty in the business. When you wrap your fleet with 3M products, you’re getting excellent print quality, vivid graphics, and excellent warranty benefits including:

  • Extensive weather testing. 3M has one of the industry’s largest testing centers where they simulate conditions for all seasons in weather conditions found all around the world. 
  • Non-prorated coverage. With the 3M MCS warranty you receive full coverage from the first day to the last. You’ll receive full replacement coverage throughout your entire warranty period. 
  • Publicly available warranty information. Feel confident about your coverage. All 3M warranty information is available to the public, so if the unexpected happens, you won’t have to deal with more surprises.
  • Full System Warranty. Unlike other graphics providers, 3M MCS Warranty even covers ink fading, ink cracking, and ink peeling. 

Request a Quote

In an industry that’s plagued with unpredictable services and inconsistent quality, Signature Graphics offers an unparalleled standard of excellence. Our best-in-class products and partner warranties allow you to confidently bring your brand to life. Enjoy worry-free fleet graphics; request a quote today

We proudly use 3MTM graphic films and overlaminates.