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9 Reasons to Choose Signature for your Fleet Graphics

If you manage a fleet but don’t have your vehicles branded, you’re missing out on an excellent marketing tool that offers outstanding ROI. Not wrapping your vehicles could cost you thousands of dollars in missed business. Luckily, the solution is simple! Wrap your vehicles in fleet graphics. 

At Signature Graphics, we’ve perfected the art of guiding customers through the vehicle wrap process so it’s virtually painless. We specialize in staying attuned to your individual needs and adapting as your project evolves. Still not convinced? Read on for nine more reasons why Signature Graphics can boost your marketing ROI through our Fleet Graphic expertise.

1) Conditioned Warehouse for Inventory & Fulfillment

Signature Graphics recently expanded to include a new warehouse facility that allows us to keep vinyl and printed materials on hand. Because we have materials at the ready, we’re able to offer same day shipping. 

2) Certified 3M Fleet Graphics

We are proud to partner with 3M to provide you with world-class materials and gold-standard results. Thanks to our partnership, we hold a MCS Warranty Certification, which means we can offer the top performance guarantee on the market. 

3) No Disruption to Vehicle Service Hours 

Managing a fleet is like trying to solve a puzzle whose pieces are constantly moving. That’s why we work around your vehicle service hours to install fleet graphics when your vehicles are off the clock. That means we’re available to work nights, weekends, and on the road with our pop-up installment tents.

4) Global Consistency Installation Network

There are lots of variables to consider when designing fleet graphics, vehicle makes and models chief among them. While other companies may not be able to adapt, Signature is prepared to install the same design to different makes and models. You’re entire fleet will shine with consistent colors and beautiful installation on every vehicle.

5) Screen Printing from 100 to Thousands of Vehicles

Our screen printing capabilities can’t be matched. Unlike digital printing, we can match all HEX and Pantone colors, giving exact color matches for brand consistency. Screen printing is perfect for large jobs of 100 or more vehicles, giving you a cost-effective and accurate result.

6) Experience 

An Omnicom Company, Signature Graphics is part of a global network of leading marketing communications companies. Thanks to our unrivaled products and unfailing customer service, our work is valued by many Fortune 500 companies and hundreds of well-known brands. 

7) Quality Control

When it comes to effective fleet graphics, accuracy is paramount. That’s why we have check points at every step of the process: design, printing, shipping, and installation. With Signature on your side, you can rest assured that your fleet graphics are flawless.

8) After Sale Support Unrivaled

To address fleet management consistency , we created brandRESPONSE, our exclusive tracking and reporting tool. With brandRESPONSE, every detail of your fleet graphic project is in one place, giving you an easy way to monitor the progress of your entire fleet in real time

9) Supplier Relationships

Relationships drive business and we pride ourselves on our strong relationships with fleet graphic vinyl providers. We’re able to respond rapidly to your needs because our suppliers regularly source us with the best quality materials.

Request a Quote

Signature Graphics has been meeting our clients’ sort-and long-term needs since 1986. Our clients rely on our solutions-based approach and our long-lasting products. From design to installation, Signature Graphics can be your partner for success in fleet graphics! Contact us today for a quote!

We proudly use 3MTM graphic films and overlaminates.

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Start a Rewarding Career and have a Global Impact

Can you see yourself as part of an elite team in a rapidly growing industry? Do you consider yourself a leader? Maybe you’re looking for a career that offers plenty of opportunities to grow. If this sounds like you, you could be a great fit for one of our open jobs at Signature Graphics. 

We’re a premier asset branding company located in Porter, IN just hours from Chicago, IL. As an Omnicom company, we’re part of an innovative international network and rank alongside the world’s most creative agencies and marketers. Our time-tested governing philosophy has been to “forge the path that others follow.” In other words, we aim to pioneer the most technologically advanced and data-driven branding strategies for our clients. During our nearly 40 years of business, Signature Graphics has been trusted by the world’s most recognizable brands because we assure the quality of our brand, product, and capabilities. 

Why Work at Signature Graphics?

Besides the competitive pay and great benefits, our company culture prioritizes the development of every team member. Each year, we make substantial investments in education and training for all employees that run the gamut from basic skills training to our advanced Omnicom University for current and future leaders. Our education and training programs include: 

  • Digital training that provides every employee with a deep understanding of how to leverage new technologies and channels for clients and their brands.
  • Omnicom University is a substantial professional development program for current and emerging agency leaders with over 3,500 global alumni
  • The Emerging Stars program brings together top junior talent from all over the world. Working in teams, they experience multiple marketing disciplines through a project-based curriculum.

No matter your goals, there’s a path here for you at Signature Graphics

What Does it Mean to be an Omnicom Agency?

Omnicom is a worldwide family of marketing companies that share a cultural foundation of investing in their people, giving back to communities, and protecting the environment. As an Omnicom Agency, Signature Graphics is proud to offer a competitive pay and benefits package to employees.

  • Continuing education
  • Stock options
  • Life & AD&D insurance
  • Long-Term Disability if you can’t work
  • Four choices of health insurance to fit your needs
  • Vision and Dental Plans
  • Access to telehealth

In addition, we are firmly committed to diversity and inclusion. We provide inclusive benefits to all employees and have structures within our organization to continually support and promote diversity and inclusion. 

What is the Culture like at Signature Graphics? 

We work hard, but we make time for fun too! Employees look forward to our annual summer team outing full of exciting activities and large raffle prizes. We are known to throw a mean potluck for holidays, birthdays, and baby showers and our Christmas party takes place at a local casino every year. We love giving out awards and recognizing achievements here at Signature Graphics.

We offer the option to work remotely for some positions, but we think our location is ideal. We’re located in Porter, IN which offers low-cost living with convenient access to Chicago (just a 1-hour drive!) and Indianapolis. If nature is more your thing, we’re close to the Indiana Dunes and Lake Michigan which has fantastic opportunities for hiking and recreation. Our headquarters maintains a lovely, shaded picnic area for enjoying breaks outdoors and we’re nestled near neighborhoods for safe and convenient walks. 

Browse Open Jobs at Signature Graphics

Signature Graphics is growing! We’re hiring for a wide range of administrative and operational positions. Whether you’re looking for a job in accounting, IT, human resources, or screen printing, quality assurance, and production, we have great opportunities available. Browse our open jobs and get in touch. 

We proudly use 3MTM graphic films and overlaminates.

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How brandRESPONSE Makes Fleet Management A Breeze

As a fleet manager, you know that consistency is a critical component in maintaining the effectiveness of your brand. Managing the commercial graphics for a 100+ vehicle fleet across multiple geographical locations is astonishingly complex. Ensuring consistency can be one of the main challenges of the job. That’s why we created brandRESPONSE, our proprietary tool that makes managing large-scale brand conversions a breeze. 

What is brandRESPONSE: A Fleet Management Solution

Signature Graphics is a total solutions provider for fleet graphics and environmental graphics. When we say “total” we mean it, which is why we developed brandRESPONSE, our exclusive tracking and reporting tool. With brandRESPONSE, every detail of your fleet graphic project is in one place, giving you an easy way to monitor the progress of your entire fleet in real time

Enjoy the ability to communicate swiftly, easily manage progress across multiple locations, and generate reports to share with stakeholders—all from your phone or computer. No more losing sleep over the commercial graphics of your fleet. You can rest easy knowing that you’re using the go-to solution for high-revenue corporations all over the country, including highly visible brands with over 10,000 fleet and physical assets. 

How brandRESPONSE Streamlines Fleet Management

Simply put, brandRESPONSE provides real-time, remote access to your fleet graphics campaign. What makes brandRESPONSE special is the up-to-the-minute reporting at a highly granular level.  Here’s how it works:

  • Audit—Signature Graphics will audit every asset involved in your commercial fleet graphics program. Then, we’ll scout facilities and partnerships essential to your strategy.
  • Import—All audited data is then imported into brandRESPONSE
  • Monitor—Use brandRESPONSE to track and report on every aspect of branding as it happens: adaptations, manufacturing, shipping, and installation.
  • Communicate—Provide input on tasks across every location, review important files and documentation, and be in touch with stakeholders across the lifecycle of each project. 
  • Manage—Add new assets and track branding data all in one place. 

We’ll use brandRESPONSE to keep you updated on every aspect of your commercial fleet graphic branding program as it happens. 

Request a Quote

Signature Graphics leverages over 30 years in the industry with cutting-edge technology to provide unparalleled fleet graphics service. We’re proud to be part of the Omnicom Group—one of the most highly regarded marketing and advertising networks in the world. Let us help make your fleet management a breeze. Request a quote to get started. 

We proudly use 3MTM graphic films and overlaminates.

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4 Reasons to Wrap Your Bus

If you’re looking for high-impact and cost-effective advertising, get creative with a bus wrap. 

Essentially a mobile billboard, a bus wrap is advertising that wraps around part or all of a bus. Your brand and your message will travel, getting notice from a wide range of potential customers. 

These vinyl wraps are made with high-resolution printers and offer sharp detail, vivid colors and unbeatable durability.

Here are four reasons that you should wrap a bus as part of your next advertising campaign.

Bus Wraps Are Fun

Unlike a traditional billboard that blend into the background as vehicles fly past, a wrapped bus is unexpected and that causes people to want to take a good look, increasing leads and driving sales. 

A bus offers your message a big canvas. Think towering text and eye-catching images! The creative team at Signature Graphics will help ensure that your advertising makes the most of the bus’s curved surface and unique topography.

Bus Wraps Improve Brand Perception

No matter your message — advertising a product or service, making an announcement, educating potential customers or promoting an upcoming event — a bus wrap also will help strengthen your brand identity.

Bus wraps look expensive and high-tech, showing potential customers that you offer professional and premium services.

Signature Graphics is a proud partner of 3M, which means all of our products are world-class quality. 

Your Message Moves with the Bus

Advertising is only effective if people pay attention to it. Bus wrap advertising isn’t tied to a specific day and time or a specific location. It has real reach.

Municipal buses are in constant motion throughout the community on their routes. A charter bus wrap will move even farther as it travels outside your immediate community to its destinations. Both will get noticed even when parked!

Bus Wraps are Cost-Effective

Wrapping a bus is one of the least expensive ways to advertise and will provide a fast return on investment as riders, other drivers and pedestrians take notice of your brand and message. 

The up-front cost to wrap a bus is less than you imagine, and our high-quality wraps can last for years.

Request a Quote

Signature Graphics has a team of experts on hand to help you design a bus wrap that’s meets your brand guidelines and sends a strong message to potential customers. Contact us today to request a quote.

We proudly use 3MTM graphic films and overlaminates.

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5 Types of Pop-Up Shop Graphics Every Small Business Owner Should Know

Pop-up shops have taken the retail world by storm in recent years. They’re a powerful tool to test new products and generate excitement about a brand. They’re particularly useful to small businesses and entrepreneurs looking to test their proof of concept or develop a loyal following. 

Millennials and Gen Z shoppers (a sought-after and sometimes elusive demographic) value the entire retail experience, not only the product itself. It’s changing the way we do business. What better way to provide exclusive, high-quality experience than a pop-up shop? The difference between a good pop-up shop and a great one is all in the branding. With fantastic pop-up shop graphics, you’ll have a beautifully branded event that will make your small business the next big thing.

Make Your Event a Success with Pop-Up Shop Graphics

You’ve worked hard to perfect your small business graphics and branding. But how do you brand a physical space in a way that is temporary and affordable? The solution is pop-up shop graphics. These graphics are designed to be high-quality as well as easy to install and remove. At Signature, we have several different products that will help you design a stylish pop-up shop with a big impact. 

  • Window Clings

Window Clings are high-impact exterior signage that make the most of your visual real estate. They’re a great tool to pique customer interest and signal that there’s an exclusive and interesting experience inside. Window Clings work through static electricity, so there’s no adhesive involved. That means there’s no messy clean up and you can use them again and again. 

  • Banners

Banners a fantastic way to make a big statement. Vinyl banners come in all shapes and sizes. Choose from backwall displays, pull-up and retractable panners, suspended banners and more. They are also a solid small business graphic investment. Take them with you anywhere to instantly transform a space into a professional branded shop.

  • A-Frame Signs

A-frame signs are also known as sidewalk or sandwich boards. They’re perfect for small business owners looking to increase foot traffic. They stand up on their own thanks to their easel shape and are easy to update with new offers. When they’re strategically placed outside a pop-up shop, these graphics have the power to attract curious passers-by.  

  • Van Wraps

You may not have thought about a van wrap as a potential pop-up shop graphic, but don’t discount this effective advertising opportunity. Van wraps are a one-time cost that can brand a pop-up shop and advertise long after the shop is over. Studies show that a branded company vehicle can lead to 15 times more brand recognition as compared to any other form of advertising.

  • Trailer Wraps

Trailer wraps are a non-negotiable if you’re taking your your pop-up shop on the road. Turn your small business graphics into a vinyl wrap that will last for years. After professional installation, there’s no set up required. You simply pull up to your planned pop-up shop location and your branding is ready to go!

Get a Quote for Your Pop-Up Shop Graphics

Signature Graphics has signage solutions for every pop-up shop environment and our team of pros are ready to help. Let us help you create a pop- shop that will wow your customers and create a fantastic experience. To get started, request a quote today.

We proudly use 3MTM graphic films and overlaminates.

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4 Types of Back-to-School Graphics to Start Your School Year Off Right

A new school year is right around the corner. In addition to setting schedules and preparing classrooms, you know it’s important to build a sense of anticipation, excitement, and school pride to unite your students and teachers. A few high-quality graphics can help with that! Because you’re a busy educator with a lot of on your plate, we’ve created a quick checklist of all the graphics you’ll need for the new school year. Here are 4 types of education graphics that will help your kick your school year off right.


Imagine your students hopping off the bus and into a school lobby filled with school spirit. With vinyl banners, that’s just want you’ll get. Vinyl banners can turn an austere school lobby into a welcoming environment for students and teachers alike. What’s more, they’re inexpensive and one of the most effective ways to communicate a brand message. You can use banners to display:

With banners, you’ll create a communal spirit and a backdrop for lifelong memories.

Wall Murals

Wall murals can be the difference between a drab, uninspiring environment and a lively atmosphere that energizes students for learning. Vinyl wall murals can be designed digitally for sharp, high-resolution images with interest and depth. Choose from full murals, die-cut decals, school mascots and logos, or even cover large, unsightly doors. Vinyl murals last longer and stay crisper than paint. Plus, they can be applied to nearly any surface including:

  • Dry wall
  • Brick
  • Concrete 
  • Stucco

Spur your students to achieve their potential with an inspirational learning environment filled with beautiful school-themed murals.

Floor Graphics

You’re sitting on the top of the bleachers watching your school’s basketball team play a home game. Reinforce the sense of school spirit with a floor graphic at center court! Or think about branding a long classroom hallway with your school’s name and mascot. Floor graphics are engineered to be tough again foot traffic. They are slip-resistance, easily customizable, cleanable, and removable. 

Window Graphics

Lastly, your school might benefit from window graphics. Typically used for storefronts with large glass windows, window graphics make excellent use of this typically overlooked visual real estate. Window graphics can be playful or serious and help send a message to the larger community about your school pride. In addition to added school spirit, window graphics provide an extra layer of protection for students, faculty, and staff. Window graphics are manufactured with one-way visibility. That means that the students and teachers can see out the windows, but unwanted onlookers can’t see inside. 

Contact Us for a Signature School Year

Advertising your school spirit with excellent, beautifully designed signage has never been easier. Our expert designers, installation specialists and easy-to-use website are all poised to make your experience seamless. Let us help you communicate excitement and school values to your entire school community.  Visit our website and request a quote to get started. 

We proudly use 3MTM graphic films and overlaminates.

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A Guide to Vehicle Wrap Options

You’ve done the research and decided to add value to your fleet by investing in vehicle wrap. Congratulations! Vehicle wrap is one of the most effective signage options on the market and you’re going to love the benefits. Before you get started on branding your fleet, it’s important to understand which type of vehicle wrap is best for your fleet. 

At Signature Graphics, we’ve got you covered! Here’s a handy guide to explain the possibilities and help you decide which choice is best for your business.  

Which Application is Right for You?

Vehicle wrapping is a creative endeavor and the perfect way to showcase your brand. We’ve broken down a few of the components you’ll want to consider as you pursue vehicle wraps for your fleet. 

  • Commercial Graphics—Commercial graphics refers to the design you’ll choose to print on your wrap. The colors, images, and logos should align with your brand to boost brand awareness and get your message across. 
  • Full Wraps—Full wraps are just what they sound like. Your entire vehicle is wrapped bumper to bumper. We recommend full wraps for most clients and especially for smaller vehicles because this makes the most impact and creates a cohesive look.
  • Partial Wraps—Partial wraps are smaller jobs that apply wrap to only part of the vehicle. If you’re on a budget, partial wraps might be for you since they require less time and materials to install. If you’re working with a large vehicle with flat surfaces, like a box truck, partial wraps can be a great option because the sides can effectively operate as a billboard.
  • Color Change Wraps—Color change wraps are for clients who want to change the color of their vehicle but don’t want to commit to a new paint job. These wraps typically don’t include commercial graphics and are designed to mimic a factory finish. We don’t recommend this option to most businesses as they don’t provide the strong marketing and branding opportunities that come with commercial graphics.

Choose the Best Material for the Job

At Signature Graphics, we’re a proud partner of 3M, which means all of our products are world-class quality. Vinyl wrap comes in a variety of thickness and features, and we’ll work with you to find the right product for your needs. You can choose from options that prioritize durability, sustainability or even a special reflective finish. And because we use 3M products you can be assured that you’re getting cutting-edge technology and premium quality.

Request a Quote

Signature Graphics has a team of experts on hand that know your needs are unique. We’re ready to help you design a vehicle wrap that’s perfect for your needs. Contact us today to request a quote.

We proudly use 3MTM graphic films and overlaminates.

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4 Must-Have Types of Signage for Municipalities

Local governments work hard to cultivate great relationships with the people in their communities. And when it comes to good relationships communication is key. While there are a variety of ways to get a message across, signage is a powerful tool. Signs are a dynamic way to promote a message or share information in a specific environment. 

Luckily, figuring out what signage your city needs doesn’t have to be complex. Here are 4 types of must-have signage for your municipality.

1. Banners

Banners come in all shapes and sizes and are well-suited for advertising specific events or time-sensitive information. Common applications for banners are large, across-the-street banners which stretch from curb-to-curb, or smaller banners mounted on the sides of buildings. Paired with powerful branding and graphic design, these banners are eye-catching and beautifying to any public space. 

2. Streetlight Banners

There may be no better way to brand your municipality and advertise the unique offerings of your city than streetlight banners. These vertical banners attach to streetlights and bring a sense of pageantry and celebration the built environment. Banners can be changed regularly, so they are perfect for advertising events, museum exhibits, or seasonal decoration.

3. Window films

Put your windows to work with window graphics. Choose from long-term, short-term, interior, or exterior applications. Window films can dress up an interior space, provide privacy, or get a message across.  In short, window films pack a punch. 

4. Wayfinding

Wayfinding signage pulls double-duty because it creates a sense of flow and reinforces branding. Any signage that tells users how to navigate their environment falls under wayfinding. Investing in wayfinding signage is a must for municipalities because it contributes to the safety and life quality of its citizens. Using a savvy designer and high-quality signage for wayfinding can reinforce the local government brand and create positive interactions with both visitors and locals.

Work with Us

Local governments work hard to create safe, beautiful cities where their citizens can thrive. Whether your municipality needs event signage or wayfinding, Signature Graphics can help. Call us today to request a quote on signage for your city.

We proudly use 3MTM graphic films and overlaminates.

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How to Care For Your Fleet Graphics

You’ve invested in your business by wrapping your fleet in graphics. It’s a decision that will pay off, so how can you ensure the longevity of your wrap? A vehicle wrap isn’t like paint

We’ve gathered the most frequently asked questions about vehicle wrap maintenance and answered them below.

Do I wash my vehicle wrap often?

Yes. It’s important to wash your vehicle wrap on a weekly, or at least bi-weekly, basis. When you wash your fleet graphics often, you remove contaminates that could stain or damage the wrap. Plus, you’re more likely to remove hard-to-clean to clean contaminants (like bird droppings and tar) before they can harden and become stubborn problems.

How do I wash my vehicle wrap?

Carefully. A vehicle wrap is durable, but it’s not made to be permanent like your car’s paint job. So, you should avoid abrasive and harsh cleaning methods like automated car washes and pressure washers. These methods can cause the vehicle wrap to peel prematurely.

Instead, handwash your fleet graphics using soapy water and the two-bucket method. Fill one bucket with warm water and a gentle detergent. Fill the other bucket with clean rinse water. As you wash a section of the wrap from the first bucket, use the second bucket to rinse. Then let your vehicle air dry or use a microfiber towel.

If you find yourself in a situation where a car wash is a must, try to use a touchless service. Pressure washing can be safe, too, if you use the lowest setting.

Where should I store my wrapped vehicles? 

The best place to store your wrapped vehicle when it’s not in use is in a garage. If you don’t have a garage available, parking in the shade is the next best option. Too much exposure to the sun can cause your vehicle wrap to fade or discolor. 

You can also apply a ceramic coating to your wrap to help protect it from UV rays and contaminates. Ceramic coatings improve the longevity of your fleet graphics by adding a second layer of protection, much like wax does for paint.

We’re here to answer your questions

Your fleet graphics are a work of art. With a little know-how and some simple maintenance, you can enjoy them for years. Signature Graphics is your partner in success, and we’re always ready to answer your questions. Contact us today.

We proudly use 3MTM graphic films and overlaminates.

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How to Use Signage to Elevate Your Outdoor Event (And Boost Your Brand)

You’re planning a big outdoor event, and you want it to be a blockbuster. You’ve found the venue, booked the entertainment, and lined up the refreshments. The big day arrives, and you realize you’ve forgotten one critical thing: signage. All your event amenities are fabulous, but no one knows how to find them.

Don’t let this happen to you. Signage helps create an atmosphere and keeps your guests informed and comfortable in an unfamiliar place. Plus, signage is an excellent opportunity to inject personality and fun into your event. Read on for tips on using signs to make your next outdoor event the best one yet.

How to Plan your Signage

Once you have your event plan in place, it’s time to think about the event from your guest’s perspective. What questions will they have? What important areas will they need to find? How would you like them to flow through your space? Consider mapping out your event area on paper to get a big picture view. Although it’s not an exhaustive list, some standard pieces of signage are:

  • Restrooms
  • Entertainment area/stages
  • Entrance/exit signs
  • Social media/hashtags
  • Wifi information
  • Food and drink 
  • Ticket or registration packet pick up
  • Customer service

How to Get the Most Out of your Outdoor Event Signage

There’s good signage, and then there’s GREAT signage. Good signage is informative and easy to understand. In short, it does its job but not much more. Great signage surprises and delights its viewers. 

Research by the 3M corporation suggests that we process visual data 60,000 times faster than text. If you use text-only signs, you’re missing opportunities to connect with customers. Here are some different signage options that can easily be designed with your brand in mind:

  • Branded tabletops or chairs
  • Photo booth backdrops
  • Floating signs
  • Banners
  • Feather flags and flying signs
  • Event Tents
  • Yard Signs

How to Create your Event Signage

To ensure your signage is expertly designed, call Signature Graphics. We are pros at creating event signage, so you know you’ll get a product that’s just right for you. Let us help you take your outdoor event to the next level. Contact us today. 

We proudly use 3MTM graphic films and overlaminates.