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Deckers/HOKA Order Volkswagen and MotorLease Branded Vinyl Car Wraps

Signature Graphics vinyl car wraps help raise brand awareness, and we have pioneered methods for speeding the delivery of branded vehicles, applying the wraps as they depart the assembly line or — as in a recent project involving Deckers/HOKA, Volkswagen and MotorLease — in the middle of a busy port.

Deckers/HOKA placed a vehicle order with Volkswagen and MotorLease for a fleet of cars to be delivered fully branded with vinyl car wraps installed. Vinyl car wraps are large decals or graphics that are placed directly over the original paint

These wraps are an excellent alternative to painting — durable, cost-effective and more customizable than painting. Installing vinyl wraps takes far less time than painting, generally three to five days compared to one or two weeks for painting. And wrapped vehicles are ready for immediate use after installation, while a painted logo and branding may need additional drying time.

In addition, vinyl wraps are rugged and durable — and actually help protect the vehicle’s paint. While painted logos almost always lowers the resale value of a car, vinyl wrapping can be removed without damaging the vehicle or original paint.

Communications was key in this rapid-fire turnaround project. The entire process unfolded in under two weeks. Volkswagen provided the part information, MotorLease provided the order status, and we made sure we were able to produce and install the branding elements in the necessary timeframe.

“Our HOKA team has been able to step away and let these projects happen,” said the project manager for Deckers/HOKA. “We have complete trust that they’ll turn out well and be done in a more efficient manner than in the past.”

While the branding elements were being produced to vehicle specifications and the delivery dates, Signature certified installers were acquiring the necessary credentials and clearances to enter the port.

When the time came, the installers were where they needed to be with the vinyl wraps ready to install. Using VIN numbers, they located the correct vehicles as they were unloaded and got to work.

“MotorLease and Signature have been terrific to work with in regards to Deckers,” said Volkswagen’s project manager. “We don’t have to micromanage or follow up several times to make sure things got handed on time and in a quality way. Having partners like Signature and MotorLease — two companies that bring their best every day — makes our job and the lives of those we serve much better.”

At Signature Graphics, our promise that every branding program mirrors the objectives and ambitions of each client to help them achieve their unique brand goals.

Fleet graphics are a proven component of successful marketing and corporate branding campaigns, with surveys finding them to be have more impact than billboards. Vehicle wraps are cost-effective, endlessly customizable and visually appealing.

Signature Graphics can make your vehicle fleet work for you in an entirely new way, using distinctive designs to get your brand maximum exposure for a minimal investment.

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