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Trade Secrets of Producing Great Signage

Army Window SignageAny thriving business relies on rock-solid advertising. At Signature Graphics, we have a talented staff of professionals that know the in and outs of graphic design to make your brand stand out among the others.

Five Important Tips To Remember

1) Consider Signage Location

Any signs you will be producing will contrast with the background that they will be located in. Whether you’re putting a sign on the side of a parking garage, on the window of a building, or on a city bus, each setting must be considered when making color choices and laying out the composition of your design. Expect us to ask you these kinds of questions to make the correct decisions and make the biggest impact with your graphics.

2) Use Contrasting Color Schemes 

High contrast color will make the biggest visual impact in design. It will capture the eye and draw it in. Having a high contrast between your text and the background will increase readability in directional signage, outdoor wayfinding signage, and other roadside applications. Staying away from muted color schemes, in general, is a good idea when looking to produce stunning signage to attract attention.

3) Keep The Message On Point

Ads in publications, online, and on TV and film have the luxury of being able to go into great detail about what product or service is offered. On brand signs, however, it is important to keep your message brief and informative. Pare down the details regarding your product or services as much as possible while still retaining the message you need to convey. Our designers will help you make the design shine and deliver your message as effectively as possible, to the largest audience possible.

4) Use Fonts To Your Advantage

Take careful consideration of your fonts. Using simple lines and avoiding serif types will be the most readable way to go. The larger, the better when considering readability from a distance. Once again, contrasting your font color to your background is also highly recommended.

5) Consider Negative Space 

The best use of the limited space in question uses contrasting colors along with the effective use of negative space, and of clear wording that captures the imagination. By using the space you are working in a visually pleasing and thoughtful way, it helps to make your ads stand out in the crowd. 

Interesting use of negative space, and tapping into wayfinding psychology, is most effective when you are closely competing with other signage in close proximity. If you wish for your ads to break loose from the pack, analyzing neighboring ads can inform your teams on how to differentiate your brand in the minds of consumers.

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