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“Crafting” the Right Image For Your Beverage

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What Is Brand Activation & Why Is It Important?

Brand Activation is the practice of engaging the public with your brand and its related imagery (logos, packaging colors, catchphrases, etc.) in places and events that create a positive experience for current and potential customers.

The goal of a brand activation campaign is to create brand recognition by offering thoughtfully designed activities and environments that showcase your brand within an emotionally uplifting milieu. It’s also about bringing your brand to life by creating experiences that can lead to long-term, deeply seated connections with the consumer.

By providing brand-sponsored public events, interactive online activities, or even snail mail-based activities – such as mail-in promotions for cash rewards or prizes (that can also be emblazoned with branded logos, catchphrases, and imagery) that serve to gain the public’s acceptance and create a deep connection to your product(s) and enhance your sales, as well as your image.

Stabilizing your company’s future as a “trusted brand name” in a highly competitive corporate climate becomes a tangible goal when using Brand Activation as a marketing tool.

Creative Ways To Activate Your Brand 

The concept of Brand Activation can seem confusing when including it in your marketing budget.

Historically, there have been many strong examples of its effective use, and one of the best is the brewery of a world-famous beer. This centuries-old brewery, located in Dublin, Ireland, utilizes Brand Activation in an extremely effective matter. The well-known brewhouse has an interactive, guided tour that is a popular tourist attraction. With a museum-like presentation, charming Irish docents lead visitors through engaging displays that illustrate the brewing process and familiarize the public with the history of the family who created and owned it for generations.

Let us at Signature Graphics inject immersive imagery and other thoughtful, creative elements into your launch event that can potentially lead to loyal client relationships with your brand. Our team can assist you with dozens of creative ways to use Brand Activation, depending upon your needs.

If you are in need of a visually stunning product or service launch, plan a regional or national brand-forward event to coincide with it. Dazzle the public with creatively displayed images, carefully chosen colors that can influence emotion, music, and other uplifting elements that they may later associate with your brand and how your brand.

One of the most effective methods to start with is to look at what your company already has in use, and update any generic or overlooked surfaces around you to advertise your brand. Lots of companies throw a lot of money into technology alone when updating their image, and overlook more traditional advertising, presented more creatively for an ever-changing public.

Some of the most successful companies have turned to innovation and creativity in advertising as the bedrock of a rewarding brand activation campaign. Let our team of creative professionals help design an immersive experience or environment for your brand. If your company owns a fleet of unbranded vehicles, one easy way to subtly insert your brand onto the streets and highways is achieved through the use of graphic advertisements.

We can help you utilize that blank space as an effective way to build your brand. As an added bonus, if you want realtime data to gauge the impact of your projects, Signature Graphics couples our brandRESPONSE technology with our highly competent team of professionals to help you activate your brand as efficiently as possible.

Please call us today at 1-800-356-3235 or request a quote from us today and explore how Signature Graphics and our team of talented professionals can take your brand to the next level with top of the line 3M products and a solid guarantee of your satisfaction.

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