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Preparing Your Fleet for Graphic Wraps

Servpro Fleet Wrap PrepEver since the infancy of modern advertising, fleet graphics have existed to establish brand recognition. Catchy adverts were hand-painted on the sides of circus wagons and on the coaches of traveling salesmen. Fleet graphics have been utilizing public roadways in the marketing of brands to the public for hundreds of years. 

Modern fleet graphics are applied to every existing type of transport vehicle to sensibly maximize brand exposure. Signature provides your company, and your brand, with our extensive network of professionals to provide the best possible products and customer service available today. You can rely on our expertise and our products because we guarantee it!

Some Things To Consider When Planning Your Fleet Graphics

First and foremost, you should take a good look at the availability and condition of the vehicles you will be having graphics applied to. 

In addition, have the following information ready in preparation for your customized fleet graphics:

  • How many vehicles will be wrapped?
  • How much of your fleet can you afford to take out of circulation while wraps are applied?
  • Are the surfaces of your vehicles clean – taking into account dents, scratches or less than perfect surfaces?
  • Do you have suitable indoor space for wraps to be applied?
  • Make, model, year and colors of the vehicles being wrapped.

You can view our planning kit for more detailed information on preparing your fleet for graphics. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the information-gathering portion of the process.

Selecting An Installer With A Quality Product

We pride ourselves at Signature for using top of the line 3M film for flawless, full coverage application. 3M backs our company’s warranty, and our exclusive use of their overlaminates and graphic films to provide the best product available. Signature’s G7 Master Printer certification (certified experts in the field of color management, processing, and quality control of both proofing and printing equipment) provides an additional level of assurance that you will not be disappointed with your investment in our fleet graphics. Well trained and experienced technicians accurately and efficiently applying custom graphics to trucks and all other vehicles. We offer graphic films for both long term or short term applications, as well as additional film protection/clear coat for ultimate durability and resilience if required.

Using trusted 3M wraps also means that if you need to repair, replace, or remove any fleet graphics in the future, the removal won’t cause damage to your vehicle’s exterior like cheaply made wraps do. As an MCS Certified 3M Provider, we rise above other companies by offering the longest, most inclusive warranty in our field, standing firmly behind the excellence of our graphic wraps for your brand’s fleet. 

Most installations come with a 7-year MCS warranty, which is the single best that is available in the fleet graphics industry: Signature alone offers that iron-clad commitment to quality. 

Treat Each Vehicle Individually – Design, Installation and Maintenance Tracking is Key

Fleet graphics are a sensible way to drive the brand value up while driving cost-per-acquisition down, and our design team is there to assist you in every detail of the process, from the conceptual phase to the proof/prototype phase, to the application of the custom film to your fleet. 

After completion of your brand’s custom fleet designs, we will provide you full-color proofs for every vehicle type you own to examine before proceeding with the application process. For large re-brands, a full prototype will be applied to a sample vehicle to serve as a full-scale sample of the finished fleet for your approval. These extra steps help eliminate design flaws over hinges, moldings, gas caps, and other potentially problematic areas. 

Introducing brandRESPONSE For Real-Time Project Management

The professionals at Signature realize how important it is for you to maintain a clear and constant knowledge of the inventory of your unique graphics and designs, the progress of your installations, and to maintain an up to date register of the condition of your fleet and other assets. We have created brandRESPONSE for our valued clients, to function as a real-time virtual assistant: tracking all of your projects and the details surrounding your fleet, and helping you constantly gauge important data from the field. Every detail of your fleet and your projects will be clearly presented to you with this handy tool – a feature that is unique to Signature, alone. The choice is clear when you compare our excellent record of customer satisfaction, combined with the most knowledgeable team of professionals in the industry, and our exclusive use of premium quality 3M graphic films and overlaminates to assure the best overall experience available in fleet graphics today.

Signature’s solid reputation and attention to detail speak for itself, so please contact us today for a risk-free quote if you are ready to increase your brand value with a beautifully custom designed and fitted straight truck, box truck, van, step van, trailer, truck, and car wraps. Let us help you monetize your fleet today!

We proudly use 3MTM graphic films and overlaminates.