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The Benefits of Spedian Changeable Graphics for Advertising Your Fleet

Digital printing on fleet vehicles continues to evolve and mature, which makes truck wraps crisper and more visually appealing. Thanks to these advances in printing, companies can better communicate their brand’s identity and values.

For longer-term and more constant campaigns and brand messages, vinyl vehicle wraps remain a popular option. Short-term promotions can benefit from Spedian, a solution developed by Signature Graphics that allows business owners to change graphics quickly and affordably for their fleet.

Spedian was recently featured in Beverage Industry magazine advocating the benefits of advertising short-term promotions specifically for refrigerated trucks and trailers. The Spedian fleet graphics system adheres to the side of the vehicle and can withstand any temperature changes.

Unlike metal framing systems, Spedian does not require rivets, bolts, or screws, which lets you maximize your marketing message without making costly modifications to your trailers. Because you can swap out these side graphics easily and quickly, they are ideal for seasonal campaigns and timely rotations of branding through fleet-based promotions. Spedian banners are compatible with trucks, vans, and freight containers. They can be stored and reused, which makes fleet promotions a cost-effective investment you can use year after year.

The Spedian system boasts a virtually invisible frame. These banners are lighter and prevent an increase in fuel consumption. The vehicle and banner perimeters are lined with a material that grips tightly when the two meet up, and this solution is unaffected by wind drag and requires no maintenance after installation. Spedian also works with your existing designs so that you can easily refresh your damaged or old fleet graphics with an affordable update. Because the Spedian system sits on top of existing branding, banners can be placed over outdated or damaged messaging.

Tested at the Ohio Transportation Research Center, Spedian creates banners that are:

  • Lighter than alloy and plastic frames
  • Reusable and easily storable
  • Weather resistant and ideal for various climates
  • Unaffected by wind drag
  • Tensioned during installation and wrinkle free
  • Maintenance free

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