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Choosing Effective Signage for Your Brand

Interior and exterior business signage are a key component to brick and mortar advertising. Window graphics and outdoor/environmental signage can reinforce your brand, drive sales, and help turn prospects into loyal customers.

Exterior Signage

One of the most important steps to convert leads into customers is getting a consumer to enter your shop or business. Window and environmental signage are unique marketing tactics that can help your company create a positive first impression and differentiate your business.

Outdoor signage must be bright and compelling enough to capture the interest of customers. Non-illuminated dimensional letters are a great option, especially if your business can be easily found in the evening. For retail signage, your graphics must be direct so customers know what to shop for and what promotions they can take advantage of.

If you have free space on your building, sidewalks or other surfaces that are not currently being utilized for marketing purposes, this equates to wasted space. Environmental graphics are any type of marketing designs that your target audience will see while out and about. This goes beyond standard storefront graphics and includes the valances and canopies at a gas station, window transoms, floor graphics, murals on the side of a building and other similar areas.

Interior Signage

The customer journey doesn’t end when a client enters your business. Interior signage can improve a customer’s shopping experience and can help leave a lasting impression, which may result in new and repeat customers.

Branding and corporate image signage gives customers an overall understanding of your business, even before they speak to an employee. Signs should portray your voice, brand, and image throughout your retail space. To visually represent your brand, display your logo with dimensional letters or graphics and share your mission or vision by incorporating them onto wall murals.

Partner with Signature Graphics

Adding signage to your business’ windows or outdoor environment is a great way to maximize your use of space, and you can rely on the professional design and printing team at Signature Graphics to help you create and install eye-catching graphics that improve your business. We can add your company’s name and logo to the front of your store and create enticing designs inside your business, transforming your space and attracting your target audience. We’re committed to helping you achieve the results you need, and we offer quality services with competitive rates.

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