How to successfully implement fleet graphics
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How to Successfully Implement Vehicle Graphics

After being in the business for 30 plus years, Signature Graphics has a few tips to make sure your next fleet branding project is implemented successfully. Vehicles can be a challenging medium to work with without industry expertise. Unfortunately, many designs lose out on marketing opportunities by failing to implement the hallmark of a good vehicle graphic design, an easily understood message.


Consider how you want your audience to communicate with you and incorporate that aspect into your design (social media, QR code, website, phone, etc.). Keep your advertising copy as minimal as possible. We recommend the standard formula of web address, phone, and a description of your service or product offering. Legibility is a crucial factor, as well. Ad copy should be large enough to read from a great distance.


The best fleet graphic designs focus on a simple message that is quickly understood. When your audience, and your vehicle, are traveling down city roads and highways it can be difficult to relay multiple messages and content to them. Take care not to overcrowd your concept. Simple compositions enable your message and brand to immediately stand out.


There is a lot of visual noise that your vehicle will be competing with to grab your consumers attention. Go bold with an eye-catching and vibrant color palette that adheres to your brand’s guidelines.


Your design needs to take into account the body lines and contours of the vehicle it will be installed on. Every vehicle is unique and a design crafted for one may not necessarily work on a different make and model without design modifications. Most brand activation companies have a database that is populated with numerous vehicles and can assist you with ensuring an appropriate fit for your design.


Use An Alternate Landing Page
We recommend creating a unique landing page and incorporating that url into the design of your vehicle graphics. Most companies are already tracking their website’s analytics and this is an easy solution to measure the effectiveness of your vehicle advertising strategy. The only traffic that will have knowledge of this web address, will be those that have seen your vehicle.

Use An Alternate Phone Number
You can also consider getting a second phone line for your business. By displaying this number on only your vehicles, you will know that every call made to this line was generated by an impression your vehicle graphic made.

Run a Promotion
Promotions are a powerful advertising tactic for vehicle wraps and they make measuring the effectiveness of your advertising campaign easier. Any individual that mentions your promotion, when requesting your services or products, encountered your vehicle.


Signature Graphics has garnered a loyal and trusting following, as a brand solution provider, because of our strict adherence to brand guidelines, unwavering attention to detail, and enthusiasm for design. Should you have any questions, we would be happy to share our expertise.

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