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The Enduring Art of Screen Printing in Vehicle Graphics Manufacturing

In the world of vehicle graphics manufacturing, the “ancient art” of screen printing has become a nearly impossible-to-come-by craft. While most manufacturers have shifted towards digital printing, Signature Graphics continues to uphold the timeless tradition of screen printing. But why? What makes screen printing so special, and how does it compare to its digital counterpart? Let’s dive into the fascinating world of screen printing, guided by insights from Bob Steele, the veteran manager of Signature’s screen print department.

The Lost Art of Screen Printing in Large Print Graphics Advertising

Screen printing, once a cornerstone of the printing industry, is now a rare skill, especially in the context of large print graphics advertising. At Signature Graphics, we understand the value of this traditional technique, particularly when it comes to vehicle graphics. Digital printing, although widely used and appreciated for its flexibility and convenience, sometimes falls short in areas where screen printing excels. For instance, achieving perfect brand color consistency can be a challenge with digital printing. Screen printing, on the other hand, ensures that every print maintains the exact hue and vibrancy required, making it ideal for massive quantities and long-term advertising.

Cost-Effective Solutions for Large Branding Projects

When it comes to large-scale branding projects, screen printing often proves to be more cost-effective than digital printing. Here’s why:

  1. Color Consistency: Screen printing offers unparalleled color accuracy, crucial for maintaining brand integrity across numerous prints.
  2. Speed: For large quantities, screen printing can be significantly faster than digital printing. Once the screens are set up, the process is streamlined and efficient.
  3. Durability: Screen-printed graphics tend to be more durable, making them ideal for long-term outdoor use.

Bob Steele, who has been managing Signature’s screen print department for nearly 35 years, emphasizes these benefits. “The quality, longevity, and reliability of screen printing are unmatched, especially for long-term advertising,” he says.

Insights from Bob Steele:

The Heart of Signature’s Screen Print Department

Bob Steele’s extensive experience and dedication have been instrumental in maintaining the high standards of Signature’s screen print department. Here are some key insights from his tenured experience and priceless expertise:

Experience in Managing the Department:

“My experience has led to many rewarding attributes while managing our screen print department,” Bob shares. “Watching the company grow and being a part of such a successful corporation, developing and continuing to grow as a manager and colleague, and building lifelong friendships.”

Ensuring Quality Control:

Quality control is paramount in screen printing. According to Bob, “Quality control is achieved by managers’ constant observance of every aspect of the job and proper training of our catchers and operators.”

Training and Motivating the Team:

Training and motivating employees is a cornerstone of maintaining high standards and productivity. Bob believes in a hands-on approach, stating, “I feel training and motivating my employees is done best by first interacting and treating them with respect and showing them that even managers are hands-on employees.”

Challenges and Future Goals:

The biggest challenge facing the screen print industry, particularly for fleet graphics, is the rarity of screen print capabilities at large scales. “Signature Graphics is definitely a rare company that still stands by the quality, longevity, and reliability of the ‘ancient art’ of screen printing,” Bob notes. Despite the industry’s shift towards digital printing, Bob plans to continue growing and adapting Signature’s screen printing capabilities with the help of his colleagues. Bob and the rest of the team at Signature understand that there will always be an important use for screen printing when it comes to manufacturing top tier branding; this is an art to be utilized and improved upon, not abandoned for a  less effective, digital alternative.

Conclusion: The Future of Screen Printing at Signature Graphics

At Signature Graphics, we’re proud to uphold the technique of screen printing in the vehicle graphics industry. The benefits of screen printing—color consistency, cost efficiency, and durability—make it an invaluable technique, especially for large branding projects.

As Bob Steele eloquently puts it, “With the help of Tim Guse (C.E.O. at Signature Graphics) and Mark Smith (C.O.O. at Signature Graphics), we will continue to grow and adapt our screen printing capabilities to the graphics world as we know it.”

By combining the timeless art of screen printing with modern innovations, Signature Graphics ensures that every project not only meets but exceeds our clients’ expectations. So, while digital printing will continue to play a vital role, screen printing remains an irreplaceable part of our toolkit, preserving the rich heritage of print craftsmanship.

We proudly use 3MTM graphic films and overlaminates.