Hospital Signage
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Improve The Condition of Your Healthcare Marketing

Improving the patient experience begins with motivating them to walk through your front door.

In today’s crowded healthcare world, how do you get through the marketplace to make that impression?

Reach more potential patients in need of your healthcare services by spreading your brand to where they are. At Signature Graphics, we help you accomplish this with our assortment of environmental graphics and fleet graphics – both innovative ways of getting your message to more people.

Environmental graphics take your brand to the “environment” around your patients and potential patients. The environment could be in spaces surrounding your locations – think windows, sidewalks, parking garages, or the side of your building. These are all potential branding spots where Signature Graphics can help you maximize your messaging.

Fleet graphics are mobile solutions that “wrap” your vehicles – whether they’re cars, vans, trucks or trailers – with your brand, messaging, website and contact information, turning staff vehicles into traveling billboards.

Studies have shown that a single, wrapped vehicle will make 16 million visual impressions each year. With more than 90% of people noticing and remembering these ads on your vehicle, the chances of people contacting your organization for the healthcare needs of themselves or loved ones increases dramatically.

These inventive marketing techniques create greater visibility of your company throughout the community and increase referrals to your offices. Further, they serve to increase staff members’ pride in their employer – a pride they can pass along to inquiring members of the public.

Signature Graphics proudly uses 3Mgraphic films and overlaminates, so you can be sure your products were made to last.

Drive home the unique nature of your healthcare business by utilizing Signature Graphics vehicle wraps.  Contact us to learn more about how we can take your branding on the road with custom fleet graphics.