Environmental graphics creating an experience
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How Environmental Graphic Design Can Craft an Experience

When you walk into a business, you see the company’s branding and color scheme splashed around the space. You see directional signs pointing out departments or specific offices as well as exits, restrooms and other critical areas. Light shines through promotional advertising on widows. 

You are immersed in that business and encouraged to act. You feel at home.

This is the job of environmental graphic design: Thoughtful planning and creative graphics create a space that is both functional and attractive to customers and puts the business’ branding and messages front and center by using every available space.

Here are a few ways that environmental design can impact the customer experience.

Wayfinding and accessibility: Directional signs, known as wayfinding, are important to helping all customers explore your physical space and make it easy for them to find things. Don’t let your visitors feel lost or unwelcome.

Storytelling: Large graphics such as wall murals or window coverings offer ample opportunity to tell the story of your business on a grand scale. Curate images that illustrate your mission and values. Use original photos, messages from founders and more to honor your business’ history and show your long-term ties to the community. 

Encourage action and engagement: Signage placed throughout a space can highlight promotions, special sales and new products and services. Be playful. Tease a customer’s FOMO. Similarly, use signage, kiosks and other touchpoints to ask questions or gamify information, urging customers to action.

Environmental graphic design organizes a space to meet people’s needs and inspire them to action. 

Signature Graphics partners with clients to design dynamic graphics with meaningful messages that maximize the available space and create engaging and cohesive experiences for visitors. To being reimagining your space, contact us today.

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