Local advertising laws for vehicle graphics
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Navigating the Rules and Regulations of Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising using temporary vinyl graphics or complete vehicle wraps remains one of the most effective marketing tools available today. They’re cost effective, highly visible to potential customers and, done right, can leave a lasting impression.

Today, no federal laws or regulations exist that prohibit vehicle graphics or wraps. However, states, cities and other localities may have their own fleet graphic advertising laws and rules that could affect your plan.

Before you order a custom vehicle wrap or put a sign on your vehicle, it’s important to do the research, and the team at Signature Graphics is ready to share our expertise and experience and help you navigate fleet advertising regulations.

Here are a few areas to think about.

Size and Placement of Ads

While restrictions on content of vehicle advertisements are rare because of First Amendment rights, restrictions on where a vehicle decal or wrap can be placed focus on safety. Signage generally cannot obstruct the visibility of the person driving the vehicle and, in some cases, should not obstruct the visibility of a person trying to see into the vehicle. Vehicle wraps often fall under the same rules as tinted windows.

Vehicle Registration

Some states require a vehicle carrying any advertising to be registered as a commercial vehicle, meaning you can’t wrap your personal vehicle to advertise your business. Check this with your local DMV office. Also be mindful that re-registering a vehicle as commercial can come with additional fees, rules of use, insurance costs and tax considerations.

Parking and Mobility

Local laws and regulations may affect where you can park a wrapped vehicle, meaning your business’ car, truck or van can’t act as a mobile billboard that’s unattended in a high-traffic area.

Homeowners Association Rules

If you plan to drive your vehicle home and you live in a neighborhood with a homeowners association, read the bylines. Your HOA may not allow a vehicle wrapped with advertising to be parked in a location visible from the street. 

Crossing State Lines

If your vehicle needs to travel outside your local area or cross state lines, you’ll need to know how the rules and regulations change and factor that into your design plans.

The Signature Advantage

Signature Graphics can help you navigate local, state and federal laws and regulations for your fleet graphics and vehicle wraps with both a knowledgeable team and our “signature” technology, brandRESPONSE, to manage the process from concept to completion. Get in touch today.

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