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Environmental Branding to Strengthen Your Retail Marketing

A Small History of Environmental Branding

In the 1970s, fine artists started to use rundown and abandoned city areas that had previously been considered public eyesores to create art galleries. They hoped to build artistic sandboxes for a small group of friends who loved the arts, in hopes that it would organically grow within its urban setting of many cultures and ideas.

Many of these projects helped to transform ghettos and other struggling areas into flourishing and popular neighborhoods over time.

This trend that favored imagination over a high budget has paved the way for modern designers to transform otherwise wasted and unwanted spaces in a similar manner.

Signature specializes in turning unused or underused surfaces into eye-catching, vibrant canvases for specialty graphics to boost your business and build your brand.

Why Environmental Signage and Retail Graphics are Important

Everybody is drowning in marketing every day. It’s no secret that consumers are barraged with a staggering number of ads per day.

The number of marketing messages the average adult is exposed to varies greatly from study to study; Forbes estimated in 2017 that the average adult is exposed to 4,000 to 10,000 ads each day. The struggle to capture the attention of the buyer is more challenging each day.

How to Strengthen Your Environmental Branding

With the help of our design team, Signature can help you place your advertising message in imaginative, innovative, and highly memorable places. By using non-traditional outdoor spaces in an aesthetic, fun, and visionary manner, consumers can be won over by ad art that works effectively with its’ surroundings in a thoughtful manner.