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How do you ensure your concept is accurately and expertly conveyed?

Strong branding is essential in the customer-centric world of today. But devising a brand aesthetic that appeals and resonates with consumers is only half the battle. Businesses also need to inject their brands with signage, graphics and all manner of promotion that builds their profile and attracts interested eyes.

Businesses have to embody their brands in every facet, and being quick to react isn’t just a matter of policy or process, but also practical action. Fleet graphics are a key asset to responsive brands that want to reach customers whenever and wherever they can. Intuit cited Outside Advertising Association of America statistics that show 95 percent of Americans are reached by media targeted at drivers and passengers, like a vehicle wrap promoting your business at the stoplight.

Yet there are many considerations to devising a fleet graphics strategy. Aside from the evident factors like choosing your visuals, the colors and the material, the quality of the vendor relationship must be factored into decision-making. Fleet graphic projects take regular maintenance and monitoring, and businesses with a brand to protect, conceptually and physically, need a partner able to provide the necessary support to ensure their graphics generate value.


The vendor variable is an important piece to an overall fleet graphics project. Finding the balance between a product that is high quality and service that is delivered by accessible, experienced and trusted professionals will prove all the difference in the success of a fleet graphics initiative.

Particular advantages business should seek from their vendors include:

  • Certification and warranties: Credible practices and reputations are hallmarks of a good vendor. Having bona fides like G7 Master Printer certification and a warranty backed by industry authorities like 3M ensure you have a reliable and accomplished partner.
  • Quality materials and service: Fleet graphics, being outside most all the time, need to be durable and able to perform in the roughest conditions. Finding a vendor that supplies the most high-quality materials with the most skilled and knowledgeable service ensures project success.
  • Transparency and empowerment: Not only should vendors be upfront and available, but they should also grant clients the tools to communication and connect them with needed resources in a certain situation.


Making sure your concepted brand is accurately and expertly conveyed through fleet graphics is a top priority to address. Again, businesses can’t do it alone in this arena, and having a vendor to provide high-quality services is central to effective brand management. Specifically, companies will want to consider assurances on:

  • Manufacture and approval: Having insight into production and your vendors’ capabilities helps you design the best possible graphic. Including a proofing and approvals process to ensure a clean representation of your idea is also crucial.
  • Vehicle services: Since you might not have the tools and skills to apply the graphic, having a vendor who does is important. Working with a vendor that offers full service for prep, installation and removal guarantees a high quality of work.
  • Supportive tools: Connecting you with resources to support is a responsibility of the vendor. Syncing up with a partner who can provide progress reports, inventory and fulfillment services and other means of support will be important to the fleet’s success.


Given the strategic and practical importance of working with a capable vendor, firms will want to consider Signature Graphics when exploring their own interest in fleet graphics. With a number of certifications, a trusted staff and high-quality services, Signature graphics is able to work with clients along every step of the process to craft a unique approach that delivers them value.

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