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Capture Foot Traffic With Effective Retail Signage

Many shop owners focus more on their store’s appearance in capturing foot traffic rather than memorable signage that seizes new customers’ attention. In an era where E-commerce has gained a firm footing among many shoppers, Foot traffic is vital for any brick and mortar store’s success.

Studies have shown that effective retail signage helps to increase sales and customer engagements. Attracting customers to your store via store signage allows you to interact and turn prospects into loyal customers.

Attracting foot traffic with store signage

One of the best ways of capturing foot traffic is by store signage. Consumers’ first interaction with brands in-store is their signage. The store signage visually displays the brand and attract people in-store.

Retail shops must display their outdoor signage above the entrance or on windows to allow customers to see them easily. When customers do not see your outdoor retail signage, they would not know what the store is selling, leaving them confused and discouraged.

Similarly, retail store signs should help consumers buy products. The store signs must be able to communicate the benefit of the product or services to the consumer and also promotions and discounts. Good store signage must be able to capture foot traffic and ultimately lead the customer to action.

Tips on creating convincing  retail signage

A store’s retail signage should tell a consumer what they are looking for at a selection of products. It must capture the consumers’ minds rather than make them infer what you are selling to them. Here are some tips on how you can create compelling retail signage.

Make it short and concise.

You must avoid the mistake of creating lengthy product information on your store signage. Customers are always in a hurry. They should be able to quickly skim through your retail signage and make their decision in a quick time. The information on your store signage must be direct and straight to the point if you want customers’ engagements.

Ensure the fonts are clear, bold, and easy to read

You can have well-written product information on your retail store signage and still not get the desired foot traffic from customers. Hard to read font characters, and the use of multiple colors on your store signage puts off customers’ interest. Shoppers must easily read your message if they are to form an opinion on buying your product.

Tell your customers a  good reason why they are buying the products.

The secret of attracting foot traffic with store signage lies in the message you are conveying to your customers. Your retail store signage must be able to appeal to the emotions of the consumer. For instance, a father buying a PS5 gadget for his son can be told, ” Be the best dad in the world to your son with this.”

Similarly, your store sign on beauty products could also say,” Be the cynosure of all eyes with this.” Consumers love to be reassured of why they must buy a product, and your store signage should do that.

Do not forget to put your signage to test

Until you test your signage, you cannot say that you have a great shop sign design. You can ask friends to check your signage from a driving distance to know if the words can be seen clearly or not. By so doing, you would be able to detect the shortcomings of your sign.

Be creative

Customers are moved by what they see. So designing uninspiring retail signage would be a great disservice to the growth of your business. The goal of effective signage is to captivate the interest of shoppers. Dull signs might only draw a glance from shoppers but would not move them to take action.

Know when to use the right signage for each purpose

There are different types of retail signage, and each of them is designed based on the purpose they serve. Outdoor signage must be bright and compelling enough to capture the interest of customers.

For promotional signage, you should use words commonly used by the customer’s favorite brands and apply them to your brand inventory. Ensure your retail signage carries the relevant messages capable of convincing your customers to buy your products.

Designing effective retail signage to attract foot traffic in your store can be fun and exciting. Make use of these few tips and other creative retail signage ideas and see your store’s foot traffic come alive.