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Measuring the ROI of Your Vehicle Graphics with Roadvert

One challenge of vehicle branding is being able to justify your marketing investment with traffic to the website, leads, and general brand awareness. In a previous blog we discussed tactics for measuring ROI for your vehicle’s wrap. In this article we introduce a product that powers you to do just that – and more!

Monetize Your Fleet with Roadvert

Integrate your vehicles into your digital strategy to generate additional revenue.

Roadvert utilizes beacons placed on your vehicles to engage with consumers.  These beacons transmit timely, relevant, and highly-specific messages about your products or services to nearby smart devices while collecting location data.

Tracking consumers provides brands the opportunity to promote speci­fic information at just the right time to boost brand engagement. When a consumer takes advantage of a beacon-triggered promotion, brands can then identify the origin of the conversion and attribute a sales value to that vehicle.

Proof of Performance

Roadvert is a solution that puts metrics behind the reach of your mobile marketing. The process starts with the Roadvert Media Audience predictor software. The Predictor predicts the reach of your mobile campaigns by deriving data from state sources such as the census and traffic data.


Using a combination of Near Field Communication (NFC) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons, we activate a measuring solution that utilizes the driver’s device. Track impressions, daily reach, and views per person.


Once your campaign has been activated, the Roadvert platform will engage with the driver’s device and the beacon to record actual results.

  • Daily Effective Reach
  • Campaign Impressions
  • Views Per Person
Customer Acquisition

Vehicle-deployed beacons can deliver notifications to users in the form of text, images, or video via a mobile app. Through these interactions, brands can track users’ behavior while collecting data on their preference and actions. This data delivers a range of marketing opportunities, including the ability to deliver ever more personalized campaigns.

Master Your Vehicle Branding with Signature Graphics

In the competitive arena of marketing, it is essential to diversify and adapt to the evolving climate. Signature Graphics has been helping brands come up with creative ways for measuring the return on investment of their brand activation campaigns for over three decades. If you’re looking to employ your company vehicles as a marketing medium, our experts will create a unique strategy for your business that will make a meaningful impact.

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