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Wraps Add Beauty To Typically Ignored Urban Objects

parking structure covered with vinyl wrap vinylIf the world is but a canvas to our imagination, imagine how graphics could help beautify it.

No longer are vinyl wraps limited to vehicles – imagine an urban landscape where mundane, hardly noticeable objects are turned into works of art. Forward-thinking, creative communities are turning to wraps to beautify everything from water towers to traffic signal boxes to garbage cans to parking structures. These graphics add visual intrigue and personality to a neighborhood, reflecting its unique personality and even being used to discourage “tagging” vandalism and drive tourism to a particular area.

At Signature Graphics, we understand that sometimes, you have to turn things on their head to make an impression. Our specialty graphics solutions do just that, helping cities, neighborhood associations and organizations brand themselves in unique ways, in unique places.

Using urban zones as a branding canvas is fun. It’s unexpected. And most importantly, it’s effective. These specialty graphics can increase pride, brighten dull corners of formerly neglected space, and inspire growth.

Beautifying urban areas can be a collaborative effort as well. Cities have called upon arts groups to attract local artists who want to help be the face of their neighborhood by designing these city wraps.

Adding a vinyl wrap to these urban surfaces spruces them up in a way that a solid coat of paint can accomplish. Our tough, weather-resistant wraps are long-lasting ways to brighten up concrete-saturated spaces.

Signature Graphics does not need a particular canvas type – we can wrap steel, brick, concrete, glass. If there’s a surface, we can wrap it.

Signature Graphics proudly uses 3M™ graphic films and overlaminates, so you can take comfort in knowing our products will last as long as you need them – no matter the environment and weather patterns in your city.

Ready to think outside of the box with your city beautification project? To learn more about our specialty graphics capabilities, email us or call 800-356-3235.