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Weekly Case Study

Peet’s Coffee & Tea

Scope of the Project: More than 100 unique vehiclesPeet's Van
Location: Based in CA, but have locations across the U.S.
Timeline: On-Going


As Peet’s continues to expand their presence, brand continuity becomes more and more important. Historically, vehicles were branded in their home market. This provided for an inconsistent brand message as well as varying degrees of durability and image accountability. Peet’s has been on an aggressive new store growth pattern. Additionally, with the acquisition of the Caribou brand, image became increasingly important.


Peet’s turned to Signature Graphics, Inc. to adapt their impactful images on their existing and new fleet. Signature Graphics, Inc. produced custom graphics for each vehicle type that were consistent from market to market. Signature Graphics, Inc. also provided the application service anywhere in the US that Peet’s needed a vehicle branded. This insured consistency and that the graphics were produced using premium processes for graphic durability. Peet’s was relieved of the responsibility of sourcing their graphic needs market by market, coordinating the implementation, or worrying about the durability of their investment.


Peet’s & Caribou now have a consistent, durable, impactful fleet brand presence across the US. Peet’s has a partner that appreciates the value of their time and, more importantly, the Peet’s and Caribou brand.