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Out of Home Graphics Make Great First Impressions



The average person spends 70 percent of their waking hours outside of their home. Utilize your environment and grab your customers’ attention by strategically displaying your brand on places other media can’t go with out-of-home graphics.

Utilizing vehicle graphics is a great way to gain awareness, but it is just as important to make sure you are utilizing the space at your physical location as well. Out of home graphics such as window graphics, floor graphics or wall graphics are a great way to do just that. Using a window graphic, for instance, is an easy way to promote your business and draw customers into your store with images or specials.

According to one study, 50% of people learn about a local business by the on-premise signthumbs_chicagoparks-sidewalk. 35% of people wouldn’t even know your business was there without a sign.  On location signs allow people to visually make a decision  between stores and where they will be spending their money.  Did you know 15%-20% of the population relocates every year?  That’s 15%-20% of new, potential customers to lure in. It’s like having to make a visual first impression all the time! Utilize graphics for an easier way to put your best foot forward, as they say.

Brick walls, concrete, and glass are all underutilized marketing space. Why stop in your store?  Why call to get more information? Why is your brand better? These are basic questions that run through the average person’s mind while trying to make a decision when shopping.  By adding eye-catching, informative graphics to the side of your building or to your front windows might be just enough to sway a potential customer to stop in and buy something or utilize your services.

Here at signature graphics, we have flex-to-fit film that works on virtually any surface and can accomplish your goal of increasing traffic to your store and ultimately increasing your conversion rate. Know what you are trying to promote and put it in graphic form for everyone to see. Make a memorable first impression

Temporary or long term, we have simple solutions for your branding/advertising needs. Check out some of our work here.