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Weathering the Winter

As winter sets in, road conditions expose fleet vehicle graphics to harsh road salts, chemicals, snow, wind and ice.  Your vehicles take a beating.  Rest assured, though, that the elements are no match for your graphics’ outdoor durability.

Here at Signature Graphics, we manufacture your branded graphics with premium vinyl materials engineered to hold up in extreme conditions.  The components we use have been scientifically tested using immersion trials, drip tests, humidity and freeze/thaw chambers, so we know we are providing you the best products on the market.  Additionally, we add a finish process to every fabricated graphic which provides enhanced performance against the elements.

You can help improve the long-term performance of your vehicle graphics by using a few simple guidelines.

–        Avoid ice scrapers.  Instead, use a snow brush.

–        Do not pressure-wash your vehicle.

–        Avoid mechanical brush washing.

–        Do not allow fuel to stay in contact with the graphics for an extended period of time.

–        Clean vehicle from top to bottom; allow dirt and debris to fall downward.

–        Remove difficult debris by hand with isopropyl alcohol and a microfiber rag.

–        Make sure graphics are properly applied in a seasonally appropriate environment.

Don’t shy away from graphic application during winter months. With proper planning and vehicle preparation, you’ll likely find that this is an ideal season to begin to coordinate your graphics program and have your fleet road-ready by spring.  Signature Graphics can help with weathering the winter and make this happen for you.

Remember, for every day that your vehicle is not identified with your brand, it’s a missed opportunity to reach out to thousands of potential customers.