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Reliable & Repeatable Printing

Signature Graphics strives to constantly sharpen our skills and enhance our capabilities to better serve our customers. As such, Signature repeatable printing successfully completed the rigorous certification process involved in becoming a G7® “Master Printer.”

The G7® specification guarantees that printers are able reproduce a similar visual appearance regardless of substrate, colorants, or screening technologies. This is important because, for example, a buyer may want to purchase marketing collateral, packaging and signage with the same brand imagery from various print vendors. Clearly the substrate and other print characteristics will vary for the different print products. However, if all the print products have the same gray balance and neutral tonality defined by G7, they will look remarkably alike to the human eye. It’s for these reasons buyers are making G7® certification a requirement.

The G7® certification is defined by IDEAlliance, a non-profit industry association guiding and publishing print media methodologies, specifications, and standards. Signature Graphics is proud to have earned their seal of approval through the certification process for reliable and repeatable printing.