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Wayfinding Signage: A Must for Your Business

Tampa Airport Wayfinding Wall Signage

Do you have the challenge of organizing a system of directional signage or visual cues to help visitors to your location navigate their way around a large or possibly confusing area?

Wayfinding signs and graphics help hospitals, college campuses, museums, amusement parks, and loads of other businesses and organizations provide an easy to understand guide for their visitors to use when trying to locate certain places and find their way around.

When large or tricky to navigate areas might normally cause people to easily become lost, wayfinding signage is one of our specialties at Signature, and our team of designers can assist you in providing enthralling visuals along walkways and roadways that are both clear to understand and appealing to look at.

Design Challenges of Wayfinding Signage

The challenge of developing an effective wayfinding system lies in making an easy to understand, uncomplicated system of maps, floor plans, building directories, and other visual cues that direct the public and ease stress among your visitors, relaying essential information in the most straightforward way possible. All flow of traffic must be taken into consideration, both indoors and out.

Although it is best to keep designs free of unnecessary information for this purpose, it is wise and business-minded to incorporate elements of your unique brand, including brand signs, into the design, while still maintaining ease of navigation and simplicity of use. Choices in color, fonts/text, and size of design all present unique visual challenges when dealing with passersby on foot, and those decisions especially require extra planning and careful consideration if your signs will be displayed along roadways.

Wayfinding Branding: Get Started Today

Let our talented and professional design team help you make these important decisions about wayfinding branding, providing experience and knowledge to blend your brand with wayfinding signs to create navigational tools that are unique to your purpose, and that will imbue all the qualities that you wish your brand to convey. Contact us today to request a quote.

We proudly use 3MTM graphic films and overlaminates.