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Keeping Schools Safe: Fun Social Distancing Graphics

Just when families were starting to settle in with the “new normal”, schools have begun to open up again with social distancing graphics and protective equipment in place to ensure the student’s wellbeing.

However, this has left parents worried that safety protocols aren’t being adequately followed, especially when maintaining distance in classrooms and playgrounds. Many of them would like schools to ensure that precautions are adhered to while also catering to students’ mental health.

Schools must do everything in their power to make it easier for students to adjust to the new normal.

Health & safety social distancing graphics for hallways, restrooms, and classroom desk barriers are easy to understand and helps convey important messages to students. With the right signage displayed appropriately, it becomes easier to remind everyone, teachers and students alike, of all the ways they can remain safe and healthy.

According to research,  classrooms have a mix of visual and auditory learners, with 29% of children in a typical classroom being visual learners, 34% auditory learners, and 37% kinesthetic learners (learning from a mixture of both auditory and visual signage). This means that incorporating graphic signage is not only helpful, but it is essential!

Engage with Your Students On-Campus Through Branding Designs

With the right visual cues, you can ensure that students understand how to stay safe while also having fun interacting with their friends and teachers at school. The message must be conveyed in a way that doesn’t add to their anxiety and worries.

They should want to come to school every day and still follow the safety precautions that have been put in place for their safety.

And there is no doubt that your campus signage and graphics can play a really important role in creating a positive experience for the students. Here’s how:

Foster School-Spirit Through Interactive Designs

Aesthetically-pleasing, interactive designs make students stop and read signs. They are more likely to follow the rules and measures that would otherwise have been communicated in simple, unappealing ways.

Colorful mascots, posters, and other eye-catching signs can foster a sense of cohesion that binds the campus community together. It can also encourage students to adopt a more positive attitude towards learning and adjust comfortably.

You can also leverage your school’s wayfinding signage by giving specific colors to places around campus. For example, put up arrow signs in your school colors, guiding students to the help center to get assistance.

This will not only enhance their experience on campus, but also reiterate your school’s brand.

Remind Kids of Maintaining a Healthy Distance From Each Other

As the world adjusts to a new normal at the workplace and in schools, the most important thing to take care of is maintaining a healthy social distance. However, in classrooms, it is easy for students to forget to maintain this distance. However, with custom desk barriers on every student’s desk, social distancing can be easy and prevent the spread of infectious disease.

The best part? These custom desk barriers can be personalized with student names, their school, or even their mascot! Signature Graphics has various plastic-made desk barriers that can optimize safety measures taken at school while also adding a personalized touch for every student.

Make Your Signage Fun Enough to Blend in With the Environment

Before you go installing signage in your school, there are a few things to keep in mind that can make it easy for students to use these signs.

It should be well-thought-out and planned in advance to easily blend in with the school’s structure. For instance, all your signs and graphics should have colors that go with the school’s theme, making it impossible to ignore them.

With the right signs, it becomes possible for teachers to foster a feeling of wellbeing and ensure interactive communication with students.

However, at the same time, it is important to ensure that your social distancing graphics don’t contribute to information overload.

Since your signage will be everywhere, you must follow a simple, bold, easy-to-read font that can stand out even from a distance. With young minds still learning to recognize cursive or different writing styles, they can easily ignore these signs due to high readability. Therefore, employ font styles that can cause students to read more, rather than confusing them.

Return to School Safely with Signature Graphics

Campus signage can engage your students in a way that can tie in participation, wayfinding, and safety measures altogether. It can also students get acquainted with the surroundings quickly so they won’t get lost finding their way around the campus.

Moreover, graphics can also make your school standout and form a strong first impression.

If you’re worried about how to go about designing and installing appropriate social distancing signs at your institutions, get in touch with the specialists at Signature Graphics. They can create eye-catching graphics, print, and install the perfect school signage to help keep your students safe.

Visit our website for more details and talk to a branding specialist today!

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