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Forget These Myths About Vehicle Wrap Advertising

When done right, vehicle wraps are noticeable, eye-catching, and possibly the most dynamic form of marketing for your brand.

But the trouble is that horrible wrap jobs put marketers and businesses off this immense advertising opportunity.

That’s why we are here to set the record straight once and for all.

Here are some typical misunderstandings about vehicle wrap advertising and the facts that can put those myths to rest.

Myth 1: Vehicle Wrap Advertising Is Expensive

Several factors determine the final cost of the graphics – these include the type of material, manufacturing, anticipated durability, quantity, etc.

Chances are that you’ll find a vehicle wrap service that falls within your budget.

For example, Signature Graphics can tailor the design specs, colors, and other specifications of your fleet graphics, providing excellent value for money. Our representatives accurately evaluate your objectives, develop an affordable solution and offer you the most feasible solution. With Signature Graphics, this is a worthwhile investment that eventually pays off over time.

Myth 2: Vehicle Wrap Is Not Effective Advertising

Vehicle wraps cost a fraction of a conventional paint job. Technically, they are an effective and economical way to brand your business cars and make them a part of your marketing strategy.

Also, consider the fact that radio, TV, and billboard ads are recurring costs. If you want your audiences to see these again, you’ll have to pay for them as many times as you wish.

But a vehicle wrap is a one-time cost that can last for several years at a time or until it’s time to rebrand again. In fact, an RYP & Becker Group study reveals that an intercity vehicle with graphics can help companies generate around 70,000 impressions per day.

Furthermore, another study reveals that fleet vehicle graphics lead to 15 times more brand recognition as compared to any other form of advertising.

Myth 3: Can’t Prove Marketing ROI

Analytics software and other similar tools have made it easier than ever to find real-time marketing metrics and evaluate the effectiveness of vehicle branding.

Our brand new Roadvert solution position beacons on your automobiles to drive customer engagement for your campaign. These beacons communicate relevant, timely, and quite specific messages about your products and services to proximate smart devices and simultaneously collect the location data.

Furthermore, you can predict, track, and measure results and, ultimately, quantify your marketing ROI. Additionally, it enhances your overall customer acquisition efforts.

Myth 4: Fleet Graphics Aren’t Feasible For Seasonal Promotions

Another common myth about vehicle wrap advertising is that you can’t change or modify the graphics as needed.

Our Spedian Changeable Graphics are a cost-effective solution that enables you to revamp your vehicle graphics with negligible downtime.

Furthermore, Spedian requires no bolts, rivets, or screws, which helps you maximize your marketing efforts without making pricey alterations to your trailers.

Myth 5: Fleet Graphics Don’t Last

Fleet graphics are exceptionally durable, and you won’t need to change them for the next 5 to 7 years. Chances are that you’ll be bored of them long before that.

As long as you work with a reliable service that guarantees the quality of the material used, you won’t need to get your vehicles wrapped again for a very long time.

Signature Graphics works with you to determine your durability expectations, requirements and structure your program to exceed your overall expectations.

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The fact of the matter is that vehicle wraps are an innovative and a great way to brand your products and services. And if you require an affordable solution to advertise your brand, this is the best possible solution.

You can count on us at Signature Graphics to provide you with exciting new car vinyl designs that are budget-friendly and great to look at. Get in touch with us to find out how we can exceed your expectations.