Fleet branding success through project management
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How vital a role does project management play in a fleet brand activation campaign? If you have a budget and a deadline that must be met, it plays a leading role. Projects are naturally chaotic and proper management organizes that chaos and ensures goals are met from conception to completion. If you are in the developmental stages of a branding campaign, you should keep in mind the following to help you allocate resources and establish target dates.


Think of your fleet branding efforts as an entire project. Projects are not exploratory exercises. They require clear process mapping to eliminate the risk of facing delays and overruns. Your project’s scope should define its goals, team, timing, and deliverables. Simply put, project scope establishes what you are trying to accomplish and the efforts you will make to deliver the outcome.


Schedules are essential to keeping projects on track. Your fleet branding timeline needs to capture the tasks that need to be completed, such as the number of vehicles and their locations, and the dates those tasks need to be completed by.


Budgeting is instrumental in determining how much can be spent on each aspect of the project and in preventing runaway costs. To ensure your estimates are accurate, consider consulting the experts. Collaboration means you will benefit from those who have experience and knowledge outside your own.

If you see a fleet branding initiative on the horizon, reach out to Signature Graphics, Inc. Our thirty plus years of industry experience will help you establish accurate forecasting in regards to scope, timelines, and budgets.

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