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Why Early Summer Is The Perfect Time To Install Vinyl Graphics

Vehicle wrap being applied by Signature Graphics

Thinking of installing vinyl graphics on your company’s fleet or storefront windows?

It turns out there’s no time like the present: Early summer is in the “sweet spot” temperature-wise to properly apply vinyl graphics.

Signature Graphics’ nationwide installation team helps you maximize space on your company vehicles or storefront windows with beautiful vinyl graphics that demand attention. A significant, sometimes overlooked factor in successful vinyl applications is the temperature and environmental conditions.

Vinyl has an ideal temperature range for it to be applied properly. Extreme cold temperatures will make it tough or impossible for the adhesive side to stick to a surface. Extremely warm days have the opposite effect, making the adhesive very sticky and difficult to adjust once it touches the surface.

A general rule for vinyl application is that it should be at least 50°F, although it depends on the vinyl being used in a particular situation. The optimal temperature is somewhere in the 65 to 72° F range, which puts us right in the early summer portion of the calendar for most of the U.S.

An ideal installation can also be affected by sunlight and humidity, which can negatively impact the ability to remove the vinyl from the paper backing. Low humidity, on the other hand, can promote the formation of air bubbles.

Signature Graphics will help you take advantage of the season and professionally install vinyl graphics on your vehicles and buildings. Contact us today to learn more about our design and installation services.