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Use Graphics to Push Your Brand at Home and On-The-Go

Signature Graphics event bannerEvents are an excellent way to get your brand out in the open, but when you’re in a crowd you want to attract attention, not blend in. So, what will help you stand out in a sea of companies all vying for the attention of potential clients?

It starts with a good first impression.

Make the Most of Trade Shows

Graphics are a good way to introduce your company to potential clients at trade shows before the initial meet-and-greet. Signature Graphics can help put your company’s best face forward. Our event graphic design services are catered to meet your company’s needs and style.

During a trade show, remember to:

  1. Use your space: Make it work to your advantage. If space is limited, get creative with graphics placement on tables and standalones. We will work with you to identify further branding placement opportunities to ensure your company will stand out.
  2. Maintain consistency: Trade show graphics should be clear and bold to keep people focused on important information. Standalones and banners should provide plenty of details while adhering to a single, overarching story.

Special Events Are All About You

There are lots of moving parts when it comes to special events, but we can ensure your graphics won’t be one of them. Whether it’s an annual event or a one-time deal, events are a chance to invite clients into a space that will immerse them in your company’s brand.

To gain their undivided attention, so invest in quality branding options such as:

  1. Better materials: It is essential for the longevity of your graphics, especially if you plan to use them at multiple events. We specialize in durable printing techniques and 3M materials that will hold color and capture attention.
  2. Pay attention to signage: You want your event signage to be defined. Direct your guests with straightforward graphics that will not distract them from their destination.
  3. Brand outside the box: Your graphics don’t have to stick to the usual banners and wall decals. Have fun with specialty graphics options available in your event space like doors, countertops, even elevators.

Contact us to learn more about how Signature Graphics can help you utilize trade shows and special events to your advantage.