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The Impact of Effective Branding in 2020

A crucial component of consistent branding is adapting to the needs of different customer bases across various channels. This year, some businesses may have had to adjust their branding and marketing mediums like never before, using all available digital channels to their advantage.

Customer loyalty is a crucial part of establishing a successful brand. In times of crisis, brands need to reach out to their customers and ensure they practice safety and empathy.

In a previous blog article, we shared tactics for effective branding that prove to be important now more than ever. Here are a few ways brands were able to deliver, remain relevant, and achieve effective branding in 2020:

An Efficient Feedback System

No business can work well without a loyal customer base. The best way to ensure that customers are satisfied with your services is to have two-way feedback that enables them to provide suggestions and feedback in real-time.

For example, even though Starbucks is a huge company, they do not take customer suggestions lightly. In fact, they have curated a whole website of customer ideas that make it easy for coffee-lovers to give their advice about new drinks. No wonder people keep coming back to Starbucks – and their pumpkin spice latte (which was a suggestion by a customer!)

With many retailers and brands trying to off-set their diminished footfall through an online store, the need for efficient customer support has been more than ever! Thanks to the ever-evolving technology, many brands, including Uber and Lexus, have incorporated AI systems and chatbots for automated customer service to deliver efficient results.

Engage with Your Consumers

Once again, Starbucks takes the lead in having a friendly customer relationship, quick responses, and random Twitter conversations. Here is an example of how Starbucks likes, comments, and retweets most of its customers’ comments.

Your brand should make your customers feel like their opinion is valued and taken into consideration. The best way to do that is to engage in positive communication on social media. If a customer tags you on Instagram, repost their story with a note of thanks. If a customer has had a negative experience, make sure your customer support team reaches out and offers a compensation discount to welcome them back.

According to Forrester, brands with an efficient channel for customer communication generate 5.7 times more revenue. Now is the time to expand your customer base by showing help, support, and care.

Tips for Branding Your Product Or Service

Established businesses like Apple or Microsoft don’t have to worry about developing a brand. But, many new small-business owners lose sleep over the concept of creating a brand identity. Developing a brand identity is crucial, and establishing a brand presence in the market takes considerable time and effort.

Here are a few tips to start your brand journey:

Be consistent

Consistent visuals across your social media channels and website make it easier for your customers to recognize your brand. Studies show that consistent branding increases revenue by 23%!

If you communicate with consumers over email, make sure you have a segmented email list for your consumer to send them consistent updates about your business.

Be creative

This is the time to show your brand’s creative and fun side. If your brand targets the youth, try to create bold visuals. If you’re operating in a luxury market, your typography and logo should follow a minimal, elegant style.

However, be wary of what has already been done in the market. You wouldn’t want your customers to think your brand is a knock-off!

Create a Brand That Lasts with Signature Graphics

Remember, your brand is your identity. Your purpose is more than just to generate sales and revenue; it is also important to establish a long-lasting relationship with your customers. That’s the key to long-term success as a brand and a business.

Signature Graphics marketing expertise can unearth a strategy that will bring your brand to life and encourage positive participation with your key audience. Connect with a branding specialist today to discover visual branding applications that will keep your brand healthy and vital.