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Rationale for Specification for Fleet Branding

Reflective vs. Non-reflective

Retroreflective films have been selected for the Armada Fleet Branding.  Technically speaking, retroreflection refers to light that is engineered to reflect to the viewer.  This increased conspicuity leads to:

  • More Visual Impressions – estimated 40% more based on ATA study
  • Increased Safety – NTSB and NHTSA findings report reduction of collisions, injuries, and fatalities with increased vehicle conspicuity

3M vs. Other Base Film

Comprehensive systems that define combinations of raw materials to produce reliable finished branding set 3M films apart from other fleet graphic materials due to:

  • Industry-leading R&D investment ($1.9 billion in 2019) with sites throughout the world
  • Long Term Warranty to end user (7 years per screen printing table) rather than a battery of tests, “research which the Company believes to be reliable although such information does not constitute a warranty” (excerpt from Orafol premium cast film product bulletin is typical of most vinyl films).

Screen vs. Digital

Screen printing and digital printing have their respective suitable applications.  Having both technologies enables Signature to make recommendations based on the most suitable technology for the Armada branding.  Screen printing is the most suitable method because of:

  • Durability due to greater saturation of screen-printed inks: “The single characteristic that sets screen printing apart from the other processes is the unusually thick ink deposit possible with a single impression.”
  • Color Consistency: “Digital images are created primarily via 4-color processes and as such, color matching abilities are limited.”
  • Superior warranty: Without additional material cost of more UV resistant laminates, the maximum Digital warranty is 5 years compared to 7 year warranty of Screen Printing.

Signature Qualifications and Capacity

Signature continually invests in capital equipment, technologies, personnel and training to offer the best solutions available to serve the branding needs of fleet operations.  To this end we have:

  • MCS Certification to extend warranties
  • G7 Certification for color calibration
  • Multiple screen print and multiple digital print lines
  • 105,000 sq ft facility equipped with multiple processing and finishing methods
  • Inventory and Fulfillment
  • Concept and Design services

We are confident that the existing specification for your branding is the best solution because of what it accomplishes for your fleet:

  • Increased marketing impressions from reflective materials
  • Safety as a result of reflective materials
  • Durability unrivaled by other print processes
  • Actual warranty backed by the resources of 3M and Omnicom
  • Color consistency as a result of the screen print process

Beyond these accomplishments Signature enhances the branding specification with:

  • G7 methodology rather than “acceptable visual match” for color consistency
  • Inventory and fulfillment serving “just in time” delivery for vehicle builds and multiple daily repair orders
  • Design and concept development
  • Detailed schematics for consistent implementation across your fleets
  • Excess capacity to meet your growing need for branding

We proudly use 3MTM graphic films and overlaminates.