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Proximity Marketing for Your Business

Roadvert Fleet Advertising

At Signature, our extensive work in fleet branding goes beyond exterior signage. We also offer advanced proximity marketing to help you discover the true reach and ROI on your branded vehicles. With Roadvert, we help you harness the power of your fleet and the mobile trend to stay a step ahead of the competition. This service helps you reach the right customers in the geographic areas they frequent most. Along the way, you receive in-depth information on users and trends that take your marketing efforts to the next level.

What is Roadvert?

Roadvert is a proximity marketing system that utilizes beacons on your vehicles to relay messages to surrounding smartphones and other Bluetooth devices in the form of texts, images, and videos via a mobile app. It rolls out your time-sensitive messages to a larger audience while supplying you with in-depth user data to keep your brand ahead of the competition.

We start by using census data, traffic data, and other information to create the ideal reach for your mobile campaigns. We then implement electronic beacons on your fleet of vehicles to communicate your messages to drivers and pedestrians through their smartphones. These beacons utilize a blend of Bluetooth and NFC (Near Field Communication) technology to ping surrounding electronic devices. Any nearby users who agree to receive proximity notifications are immediately connected. Your messages are then delivered instantly via text, images, or video via a mobile app.

What Proximity Marketing Does for You

Roadvert is a powerful way to relay important, time-sensitive messages to current and new customers where they are, broadening your reach while keeping your messaging and brand top-of-mind. It also provides in-depth back-end data to help you fine-tune your strategies for improved response.

These mobile interactions reach the maximum number of high-potential buyers instantly for immediate results. As these users respond to our system, we track impressions, daily reach, and views per person, for a more accurate understanding of responses, trends, and which messages are working best so you stay ahead of your competition.

By using your fleet of vehicles to get your messages out, you take advantage of your vehicle investments, monetizing them while spreading your messages with pinpoint effectiveness.

The Ideal Graphics Strategy for Proximity Marketing

The best messages excel at creating a strong call-to-action. These short, powerful messages are easy for customers to read on their devices. And since these users are out and about, they are more prone to taking advantage of immediate deals while your message is top-of-mind.

These messages will likely change over time. When they do, you can maintain consistent messaging with all your vehicles electronically and with your exterior signage. We offer temporary graphic solutions and professional installation to make changing your messaging fast and easy. Additionally, our brandRESPONSE system provides instant data on what messaging is displayed and broadcast from individual vehicles in each area of town and across the country, helping you manage workflow and avoid unforeseen issues.  

We Take Fleet Advertising to the Next Level

Our Roadvert system is just an example of the many services we offer. At Signature Graphics, we have the most successful and extensive experience in planning, managing, and executing large and small national fleet branding projects in the industry. Our certified installation experts are trained and qualified to meet and exceed expectations in workmanship, warrantability, accountability, and expertise.

Contact us to learn more about what Signature can do for you.