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The Power Of Brand Activation Part I


The best brands are more than just a fancy logo or a colorful aesthetic. They are a medium with which to influence and interact with the world at large. But you don’t start with a powerful brand on day one.
That’s where brand activation comes in: Be it a campaign or interactive experience, brand activation is essential to creating a base of loyal consumers and generating attention around a suite of products or services your company provides.

The strongest brands move beyond simple visuals and sway people on an emotional level. But what exactly goes into a successful brand activation? There is no definitive map for successful brand activation, because each company might be different in terms of its end goals. Instead, a properly planned launch touches on a few essential elements.

The first is to figure out specific actions that you want consumers to take. With clear goals in mind, you’ll have a fuller picture of how to make that vision a reality. These actions could be purchasing a new product or signing up for an email list.

From there, you need a specific idea for the activation process. That is, what steps can you take to make a truly lasting impression on people, something that goes beyond actions like giveaways or hosting a party.

Finally, any meaningful activation needs to result in promotional opportunities – building interest and participation by offering up elements like content, advertising and merchandising.

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