They are some of the biggest vehicles on America’s freeways, highways, and back roads, and millions of people see them everyday. Many road travelers follow directly behind them for extended lengths of time and are absorbing their messages. That message could be yours. Truck and trailer wrap advertising can be some of the most creative, adventurous graphics on the road today. Your consumers are already out there right next to you on the road, let us help you leverage the situation by connecting you with them through custom messaging with a trailer wrap. Make every day and every delivery count with Signature’s brand-enhancing designs that put you at the top of their mind.

Our award-winning team of design professionals will work with you to create custom graphics for any trailer. Trailer wraps that positively reflect your brand and corporate identity will elevate your visibility in the marketplace. According to the American Trucking Association, a trailer generates over 10 million visual impressions per year. The number increases to over 14 million impressions when reflective material is used. Our service providers know how to make your trailer look like it was tailor-made . We offer trailer wraps and other graphic solutions for all shapes and sizes. So whether you have newly acquired trucks and trailers, or are just looking for a way to re-brand and enhance an older fleet, we have you covered head to tail. Contact a specialist today to find out what custom package we can put together for you.

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