Health & Safety Graphics for Large Venues and Events

Signature Graphics Large Event Graphics

As we try to return to normalcy post-pandemic, safety and social distancing guidelines will be the requirement for all large events, athletic stadiums, and show venues. In order to adhere to social distancing requirements and ensure eventgoers can come together safely, count on Signature Graphics to help you execute large events safely.

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    Many people will be anxious to attend large events again, so it’s important to engage audiences with safety graphics as soon as they arrive at your venue.

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    Exterior Graphics

    Our exterior and wayfinding graphics help navigate traffic and manage crowds effectively to uphold social distancing event guidelines. Identify the safety precautions needed for your events, such as temperature screening and face mask requirements. Customize window graphics to promote your event’s safety measures outdoors and indoors.

    With Signature Graphics’ wide range of quality print graphics, customize exterior safety graphics to promote at event gates and entrances. We utilize superior printing techniques with 3M materials known for their durability and quality.

    Floor Graphics

    Signature Graphics Social Distnancing floor graphics

    Floor graphics are slip-resistant and available for many surfaces, including interior & exterior applications. Floor graphics will be key in reminding crowds to socially distance and keep 6 feet apart. Choose from a range of arrow graphics, caution messages, and distance warnings to apply throughout the venue.

    Social Distancing Graphics

    Visual graphics keep social distancing at the forefront of event-attendees’ minds.
    Apply social distancing graphics to the walls throughout the stadium, in restrooms, at concessions and in staffing areas. Use our face-covering graphics to let visitors & employees know your face covering policy before they enter your premises.

    A-Frame Signs

    A-frame signage will be key in communicating to event guests the safety processes and procedures of your event. Strategically placed A-frames can serve a variety of communication purposes. A-frames can help with crowd direction, occupancy requirements, and social distancing guidelines.


    Signature Graphics are the experts you can count on to coordinate your large events safely and professionally. Graphics are a must to execute a safe event and ensure peace of mind for performers, event coordinators, and attendees. Call us today!