Temperature Controlled Installations
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Installing Fleet Graphics in Cold Weather and Harsh Conditions

Weather shouldn’t determine your fleet graphic needs. While winter fleet graphics installation requires specific parameters for the application, Signature Graphics can meet your needs regardless of the season.

The best time to apply fleet graphics is when it’s 65 degrees and dry. For most of the country, it’s a narrow window to find the perfect climate. If you miss the window, your graphics application may require renting a climate-controlled space and transporting your fleet to its location.

For most businesses, the agility that comes with changing and installing graphics year-round is vital. From seasonal changes, sales, or just replacing something that’s lost its luster, a partner that can work at any time is ideal.

Pop-Up, Climate-controlled Fleet Graphic Installation Tents

Signature Graphics brings the climate-controlled installation to you.

Introducing pop-up fleet graphic installation tents. The tents are climate-controlled and perfect for providing the proper application environment regardless of the weather.

Cold weather can cause vinyl graphics to become brittle, and your fleet often must travel through various weather conditions to properly serve your clients.

Climate-controlled installation prevents issues from temperature fluctions and allows graphics to cure in an ideal manner.

Signature Graphics’ pop-up fleet graphic solution, thanks to a partnership with Omnicom, allow it to come to where your asset is for application. It provides the proper radius around your trucks to give space for installers to apply your graphic.

In addition, our pop-up solution keeps you from having to do the extra legwork to find a climate-controlled facility. Because we come to you, there’s no time spent looking for a location or the additional costs that can come with renting a facility.

It also means your graphic application shouldn’t be delayed because of weather conditions. This saves your business time and money. Our solution means your message gets delivered any time of year, at any location.

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We proudly use 3MTM graphic films and overlaminates.