Social Distancing Graphics & Classroom Desk Barriers for Schools

Signature Graphics social distancing schools


Is your school ready to return to the hallways and classrooms this fall? Prepare your staff to educate with confidence while we continue to navigate the uncharted waters of this pandemic.

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    Social Distancing Graphics for Schools

    Our social distancing graphics provide visual guidance to ensure a safe environment at your facility. Choose from our Animal Track Series, Counting Series, or customize your graphics with your school logo and mascot!


    Classroom Desk Barriers

    How do you ensure safety in a classroom setting when social distancing measures are challenging to adhere to?

    Our custom desk barriers provide separation in classroom settings that provide an additional layer of protection against the spread of infectious disease. With vinyl applications, add a personalized touch with your school name or student names. These barriers feature all-plastic construction, making them easy to clean and sanitize.

    Signature Graphics classroom barriers

    Benefits of Signature Graphics classroom desk barriers:

    • Provide additional protection
    • All-plastic construction for ease of cleaning & sanitizing
    • Can be personalized with your school’s and students’ names
    • Available in two dimensions to accommodate students of different heights (such as elementary versus university sized students)