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Get An Edge On Mobile Advertising With Spedian

Coca Cola Truck Spedian banner

Signature Graphics is excited to offer another advantage to our customers with the addition of Spedian’s changeable banner system. You won’t have to spend extra time and money to get the sharpest looking fleet on the road.

Work With Your Existing Designs

With Spedian, we can offer an affordable solution to revamp your fleet with minimal downtime. Refresh your damaged or old fleet graphics with an update that won’t break the bank.

  • Spedian offers graphics without a visible frame so banners are lighter.
  • Work around your current decals with Spedian so you won’t risk leaving behind outlines or residue.
  • Take advantage of side and rear advertising to maximize your brand exposure on the road. Changeable banners are flexible and have been used on trucks, vans, and freight containers.

Save Time And Money

Installation is quicker thanks to the lightweight design of Spedian banners so your vehicles can get back on the road in less time. The customizable banners also cover damaged decals to help you save on removal costs.

Spedian frames also spare your trucks from carrying the extra load of a metal frame and keep your fuel costs under control.

Unlike metal and plastic frames, installation does not require physically altering your vehicles. If you lease, your end-of-contract costs will not be affected by damage created by screws and bolts.

The Ideal System for Promotional Rotations

Our curtainside graphics provide a means to strategize for seasonal campaigns and timely rotations of branding through fleet-based promotions you can swap with frequency and ease. Banners can be stored and reused, making fleet promotions a cost-effective investment that can be used year after year. After your promotion’s end, you can remove the banner to reveal your vehicle’s original branding beneath.

Spedian creates banners that are:

  • Lighter than alloy and plastic frames
  • Reusable and easily stored
  • Weather-resistant to various climates
  • Unaffected by wind drag
  • Tensioned during installation and wrinkle-free
  • Maintenance-free

We strive to provide our clients with state-of-the-art advantages to maximize their brand capabilities. To learn more about how Signature Graphics can improve your fleet graphics with Spedian changeable banners, call 800-356-3235 or contact us online.