Planning Kit


Here is a step-by-step guide to help you create the very best vehicle graphics.

Step One: Understand the Vehicle

When Signature Graphics starts a project, we want to thoroughly understand the body of the vehicle. We make notation of any door handles, gas caps, reflectors and other objects that will determine how we design and engineer your graphics. Measurements are needed, digital photos, and also notation of any rust or damage on the vehicle.

This information becomes important to the graphic designers. We translate this insight to our basic scaled template to create an accurate rendering of your vehicle.

Window graphics will usually be printed on a perforated vinyl so that you can see out of the window.

Step Two: Designing Artwork

The biggest difference in creating a design for a vehicle (rather than a flat poster or advertisement) is the dimensionality. There are many curves of the 3-dimensional vehicle that aren’t always apparent in the 2D design process. Be aware of the critical placement of elements – like your logo, web address, and phone number – while creating your layout.

Text placement is critical. Avoid text near wheel wells, license plates, etc. We may recommend that text be added using cut vinyl lettering to ensure proper placement.

Step Three: Prep Your File

Be sure to supply all links and fonts with your layout. Text and logos should be supplied in a vector format. When specifying a color, please note its Pantone numbers (PMS).

Resolution for images and scans is recommended at 100 DPI at final size. We prefer your scans are saved in RGB.

Click here for our specification sheet.

Want to check system compatibility? Click here for a list of resources used by our Design Department.

Step Four: Submit Your File

FTP: Files can be uploaded to our FTP site after obtaining a client login from your sales representative. Click here for a list of resources used by our Design Department.

Don’t have a rep yet? Email us and let us know.

Email: If your file is under 2MB, email the files directly to your sales representative.

CD: You can always send a CD directly to your sales representative. Be sure to include paper print outs of your files.

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