A company truck can say a lot about your company, brand or service. Have you ever considered exactly what message your box trucks are sending to your potential customers? Do your straight trucks really tell your brand story? Yes, they may say something, but are they saying the right thing? It’s time to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Make your straight and box trucks stand out by working with Signature Graphics to create eye-catching straight and box truck graphics, wraps and decals for your fleet.

Every vehicle in your fleet provides you with an opportunity to advertise your company. This is where you tell your story, whether it’s a logo to reinforce your brand or a full-coverage advertisement, fleet graphics will transform your vehicles into mobile billboards by simply utilizing the assets you already have. Let your trucks speak for you!

Signature Graphics can help you stand out among your competitors by finding the right thing to say with the perfect graphic. You can capture consumers’ interest where they live, work and shop simply by applying graphics to your delivery trucks. Help your trucks say the right thing with one of our customizable straight and box truck graphics, wraps or decals.