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It’s true that your vehicle wrap design is a masterpiece of sorts.

But remember – it’s a masterpiece that will be viewed for an average of five seconds. There’s no stepping back, pondering the meaning of life as it relates to your masterpiece and coming back to it after you make your way around the gallery. There are only those five seconds. Thinking of it this way helps keep your design in perspective, realizing that you can’t convey everything about your company in that amount of time.

Signature Graphics offers the following do’s and don’ts to help get the most out of your fleet graphics:

  1. DO wait to get your vehicle template before designing the wrap. Ensure all of your vehicle’s obstructions such as handles, gas caps, toolboxes, racks, etc.) are in the proper place on the template. Placing text on these obstructions will block or distort your message, making it hard to read.
  2. DON’T assume people will view your vehicle straight on. As a moving, 3D object, your vehicle will be viewed from all angles, with your audience usually seeing two sides at once. Remember that an image bleeding over the edge must connect on the next side, making it appear that it was painted on the vehicle.
  3. DO use simple fonts that are easy to read from a distance. Fancy fonts may look cool, but they can take too long to decipher for an audience only viewing the vehicle for a matter of seconds.
  4. DON’T push your text on or even near the seams on doors and windows. Leave about 4” of space around text to give it some “breathing room.” The message will be easier to digest with ample amounts of space around the text.
  5. DO keep your design simple. Remember, five seconds. A simple design and message can easily be consumed in five seconds.
  6. DON’T be afraid to be creative. Don’t try to mimic a competitor’s theme. You want to stand out and establish your own brand, not be associated with a competitor.

Signature Graphics proudly uses 3MTM graphic films and overlaminates. To learn more about how we can bring your business to life with fleet graphics, email us or call 800-356-3235.