Signature Graphics Health and Safety Graphics

Vital Resources for Getting Back to Business Safely

Signature Graphics Health and Safety Graphics

Social distancing continues to be our best defense against the spread of infectious diseases, such as COVID-19. Through visual guidance, we help you effectively communicate safeguards to keep your valuable employees safe and instill confidence within your customers.

We have a solution for every surface, from floors to walls and windows. If you’re looking to maintain consistent branding throughout your facility, we can easily customize any graphic within this catalog to match your unique aesthetic and brand guidelines. Each of our graphics is simple to install and remove with slip-resistant and damage-resistant features.

If you have questions, we have answers. We are happy to provide guidance, support, and assistance in any way we can, so your focus can remain on getting your business back to business. Call us today!


School Graphics

Child sitting in classroom with desk barrier

Give your faculty, parents, and students peace of mind for returning to the classrooms this Fall. We offer customizable, creative and engaging social distancing graphics for various age groups. Social distancing graphics can showcase your school and team spirit, and most importantly help everyone adhere to social distancing guidelines.

Our custom desk barriers provide separation in classroom settings that provide an additional layer of protection against the spread of infectious disease. With a vinyl application, we can customize with school and student names.

Choose from a wide range of products for floor, wall, classroom, and restroom applications.

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Large Venues and Events Graphics

As we try to return to normalcy post-pandemic, safety and social distancing guidelines will be the requirement for all large events, athletic stadiums, and show venues. Count on Signature Graphics to help you execute large events safely.

Browse our wide range of interior and exterior graphics to promote social distancing guidelines and the safety precautions your event will be taking to ensure your audiences and staff are safe.

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