Comfort Keepers

Comfort Keepers

Vehicle Graphics Ordering Checklist

Follow along in the process with this checklist

1.) Comfort Keepers Franchisee submits order form and pictures to Signature Graphics.

2.) Signature will receive order form and contact Comfort Keepers Franchisee to discuss design details.

3A:) Design finalization. Signature submits requests for custom layouts and costs.

3B:) Comfort Keepers Franchisee and Signature will review Installation specifications and needs.

4.) Comfort Keepers Franchisee approves order and layout via email reply.

5.) Signature submits order and proofs are generated (Reduced sized vinyl + full size paper).

6.) Signature’s Corporate mails vinyl proofs to Comfort Keepers Franchisee . Signature scales paper proofs locally. Signature sends paper proof photos via email to Comfort Keepers Franchisee.

7.) Comfort Keepers Franchisee receives vinyl proofs, reviews for resolution and color, approves and returns via mail. Also reviews email photos of paper proofs and approves via email.

8.) Signature produces graphics and ships.

9.) Signature bills Comfort Keepers Franchisee credit card for materials and any related shipping and/or sales tax.

10.) Signature’s Installation Dept calls to verify graphic shipment rec’d at Comfort Keepers Franchisee designated ship-to local, verifies all information pertaining to installs listed in initial order form, and schedules install.

11.) Signature’s Installation Dept calls to verify installer arrival day of installation.

12.) Signature’s Installation Crew completes installation work, reviews with Comfort Keepers Franchisee, and obtains written approvals for work completed via Comfort Keepers Franchisee.

13.) Signature bills Comfort Keepers Franchisee for completed installs.

Contact Information
For additional program information, contact:
Signature Graphics
Chelsea Tucker
Cell: 317-501-7236
Lisa Burgey
Office: 800-356-3235

*Email Corporate for Brand Compliance confirmation prior to production.

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